Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wednesday is "Routine" Day.

  1. a customary or regular course of procedure.
  2. commonplace tasks, chores, or duties as must be done regularly or at specified intervals; typical or everyday activity: the routine of an office. 
So, remember yesterday when I blogged about being super tired because my routine was all kinds of out of whack because I'd been reading The Hunger Game trilogy?

Yeah, well.

Because I am stupid hooked I stayed up again until 3 AM last night reading Mockingjay again.

When my alarm went off this morning, I have never wanted to throw my precious iPhone so bad in my entire life.

I barely kept my eyelids open during class. I'm talking I needed toothpicks for my eyes it was so bad.

And what does one do after daydreaming about a nap during class the whole time?

Read the rest of Mockingjay of course! Because that makes total sense right?????????????


Then I ate a small lunch and passed out FOR THREE AND A HALF HOURS.

What am I trying to say in this second mess of a post this week?

I need a schedule people. I crave a good routine. And staying up all hours of the night and then getting up early the next morning, does not a good routine make.

So I'm working on a good routine now for this semester since it slightly alters each semester.

Because I need routine.

And now that I've said routine 3,672 times in this post, I'll close to go wrap up homework.

Happy Wednesday.



~Haley~ said...

Now that you finished it, life can go back to routine, I did the same thing! haha. You should check out Delirium by Lauren Oliver and Matched by Ally Condie. Both similar concepts as Hunger Games, but neither are AS good. :)

Lil' Woman said...

I was like that when I read The Help, I didn't want to put it down.

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