Thursday, January 12, 2012

Shake Yer Groove Thang: What No One Really Says About Workout Tunes

As far as the blog world and the Twitter world knows, I've always had a weight issue. But there was a time in college, where I was skinny-ish.

Now you may be sitting there dumbfounded, saying, "Self, how was Samantha so skinny-ish?"

Well, I tell you. I ran, ate right, and had good work-out music.

(Side Note: I should tell you that I will probably never be skinny because 1) I like food too much, 2) I was a softball player so it's hard for my body to shrink down when it was trained for over half my life to be a certain build and 3) I think my healthy weight isn't the same as what the traditional weight is for my height- see #2 about playing softball as the reason for why I'm this way.)

Anyway. This blog is about the type of music I think women are likely to listen to when they work out. Or at least why I listen to what I what I listen. (LANDS. Did that make a lick of sense?)

I get into trouble all the time when writing for school. My professors are constantly telling me that when I keep it concise, I make sense. They don't understand that I'm from the South and I've never met a stranger (like my momma) and I'm a story teller (like my daddy).


Oh yeah, I like to talk. A. LOT.

Today specifically, I'm telling you how tunes land on my running playlist. (I swear I'm getting to the point.)

Sam's Theories on What Constitutes Good Running Music:
  1. Music That Makes you Feel Good-This really should be quite straight forward. There is just some music that makes a person feel good. But where this post is gonna get a little randy, is right here, (Family --including my future children--stop reading now!!)-because I am going to be so bold to say that one of the times in our lives that we feel best about ourselves is when we're well...doing what adults do when they are married and have a license to do. And sometimes, during that experience, there might be some music playing to help set the mood. Each person has their preference. Sometimes it is fast paced. If so, you should add it. You'll remember how you felt and part of my weight loss goal is also to include feeler hot about myself. I know my husband says that I am, but I still want to believe that I am. One way that I can believe this is by taking care of my body and being proud of it in the process and when I hear this music it will remind me of my goal.

    Personal Examples: Shake Your Groove Thing by Peaches & Herb, Got To Give It Up by Marvin Gaye, Do You Wanna Touch Me by Glee Cast feat. Gweneth Paltrow, Sexy and I Know It, by LMFAO.

  2. Angry/Frustration Music: This also should be obvious. For me, another goal of working out some days is to get a release from the frustrations/worries/stress of the day. Sometimes, you just need a good beat to help you work out that much harder.

    Personal Examples: I Hate Myself for Loving You by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, Only Prettier by Miranda Lambert, Piece of Me by Britney Spears, and Rip Her to Shreds by Blondie

  3. Music Played on the radio on a day when you're having an especially good day-Typically this happens for me when I'm having a good hair day. Yes, you're free to roll your eyes. What can I say? I am a person who appreciates the small things and a good hair day is one of my favorite small things! Sometimes, I'm really fortunate to have a good hair day align with a nice day out too and when God is really gracious and blesses me with a good song on the radio too, it makes it downright spectacular. Having those on there can turn a frown upside down some days.

    Personal Examples:
    Catch A Wave by The Beach Boys, Whip My Hair by Willow, Moves Like Mick Jagger by Adam Levine, Stacy's Mom by Fountains of Wayne, Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison, Pocketful of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield, Carrie Ann by The Hollies, She's Not There by The Zombies, and Bad Romance by Lady Gaga.

  4. Music that Motivates You-This should be obvious as well. I like music that pumps me up and reminds me why it will all be worth it to work out.

    Personal Examples: Firework by Katy Perry, Fight for Your Right by The Beastie Boys, Hit Me with Your Best Shot by Pat Benatar, Soak Up The Sun by Sheryl Crow, and Lose Yourself by Eminem.

  5. Music with a Good Beat-This is also obvious, but still worth mentioning because it will make up the bulk of your list.

    Personal Examples: This is where Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, P!nk, and Beyonce do the hard work for me.

Now tell me, what are some of your favorite tunes that encourage you up while you work out or run?

Happy Thursday!


    Lil' Woman said...

    Love this post.
    I'm trying to come up with a workout playlist for myself. One of my upbeat,angsty, I'mgonnatakemychubandmakeitmybitch songs is Misery Business by Parramore. I always get pumped when I hear that song.

    sgme said...

    I like Give it to Me by Timbaland. It has a great beat that helps me keep my pace when I run.

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