Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday Mumblings...

In 2011, I mumbled a lot on Mondays. It was a thing and people got used to it.
In 2012, I'm not sure how much I'll mumble.
  • I think I may be the worst dog mommy ever. Pais and I were working on clipping her nails. We were doing pretty good too and then I clipped too close. It was bad. Blood was shed. Tears were shed (mine not hers) and I called B to come help me out. She's fine now, but I'm fairly certain that if there ever was a chance of a dog owning a pony, Paisley has as good a shot as anyone, I'm feeling that awful.
  • The Golden Globes were so-so last night. I think The Help was robbed on several accounts. Of course, I haven't seen War Horse or The Iron Lady yet so I may not be the best judge of character at this point. 
  • One of my favorite episodes of Gilmore girls is when Lane and Zac get married.
  • I want to get a shellac manicure soon.
  • It seems like there is a strong possibility that people are going to visit this year.
  • I have the first Victoria Beckham haircut as of last Friday. You know the one that made inverted bobs famous again? Yes that one. I think I'm going to vlog about it later this week. I still want to go blonde again.
  • Speaking of hair, I wear a doo-rag when I work out. Is that ghetto or biker chick of me? 
  • Getting mail is fun. 
Happy Monday!


The Pink Growl said...

I wear a bandana sometimes when I work out too! It's just easy! Not ghetto, in my opinion.

brown eyed girl said...

I cut Olive's nails once and made her bleed too. I felt so bad. I am still paranoid about hurting her when I clip her nails...which we need to do today!

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