Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Intentions and the like...

So on Monday I had a plan to read for class, blog, read the remainder of Catching Fire, organize my last binder and I was even going to work on planning some posts for this week.

And then, I sat down to read Catching Fire and well, the next thing I knew I was up until 1AM last night doing homework. Then because I'd finished Catching Fire and maybe rewarded myself by reading a chapter of Mockingjay in between chunks of reading for class, I continued to read Mockingjay some more. The next thing I knew it was 3AM.

The best laid plans...

Then today, I needed a nap bad after class. Class by the way was interesting and I think I'm really going to like my professor. After lunch, I took a nap, then got up and made some mashed potatoes and salad for dinner. Some friends offered to bring over steaks. And since we're not ones who are inclined to say no to a good ribeye, we said yes. They were delicious. When I asked what they wanted, one told me that whatever I made was sure to be wonderful.

They were. (TOOT. TOOT.)

What can I say? I'M KIND OF A BIG DEAL.

AND THEN, we watched the Michigan/Virginia Tech game for a bit while I organized my binder for tomorrow's class and finished reading the material.

So here I am completely behind on blogs, homework done and almost finished with Mockingjay (BTW-Team Peeta) and I will most likely be in need of another nap after class tomorrow.

I have to finish the Hunger Games series now because I won't have time for them later in the semester. Plus, they're really easy reads. I have lots of thoughts on them and maybe I'll put them on this old blog.

But I doubt it.

I also want to read "One for the Money" by Janet Evanovich before the movie comes out at the end of the month. My interest was peaked highly by the trailers produced for both series. What does that say about me that it took a movie trailer to send me over the edge to finally read a book after two years of debate? 



This post is supposed to be my intentions for the week. So yeah, basically I planned to write some decent blog posts, get my homework done at a reasonable hour and read The Hunger Games series on the side.

But we all know that the road to hell is paved with good intentions...

You can just call me a bus driver because what I intended and what happened are two very different things.

In short, I read almost the entire series and then decided I should do some homework. I got it done, but had to lose some precious beauty sleep in the process.

The result of which, is this little gem of a post you may (or may not!) have just finished reading.

Happy Tuesday!


The Pink Growl said...

We are flip flopped on our reading material haha! I read One for the Money in early 2011 - loved it! It's a good mystery, but the girly kind. The book is so old now that it's funny to read the comments about fashion, etc.

The Hunger Games triology is first up on my book goals for 2012!

Lil' Woman said...

Some of the best laid plays go out the door for a good book ;)

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