Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Because ranting about the "F" word is always entertaining....

No, I'm not talking about the "F dash dash dash" word. (Name that movie reference for ten cool points!)

I'm talking about the other dirty F word: Facebook.

When Facebook was released, it was made available only to persons in college/alumni.

Life was grand and glorious.

And then the powers that be decided to open the floodgates and allow anyone over the age of 13 to have an account.

Social media as we know it, in my opinion, went to hell in a handbasket.

No longer could you post about non-issues without John the Loser from your hometown or a family member that you're obligated to be friends with because otherwise it would look bad making some asinine comment that paid no attention whatsoever to your status.

Because then every decent and grammatically correct Facebook user is faced with the dilemma ....

Do we....
  • pull a passive aggressive -some might consider this choosing your battles wisely- and delete said asinine comment and act as if it didn't happen??

  • respond to said comment and remind them kindly of what your status said and then politely disagree with them and subject yourself to "Facebook drama" for GASP! not having the same opinion as that specific person???
I wish I could say that I pull a passive aggressive choose my battles wisely and just delete it or keep my mouth shut.

Let's be honest, when have I ever kept my mouth shut about or just ignored stupidity?

I am always the person that reminds them of what my status says and then disagrees with the person.

And here's why: I think that everyone is entitled to their opinion. No matter what. Differences of opinion is why people came to this country in the first place. I further think that even though you may not agree with a person, and in fact may hate the other person's opinion, hell you might even think it's downright stupid, you still have to respect that person's opinion. Because they arrived at it for their own reasons, just like I arrive at mine.

In the case of stupid people on Facebook, I always want to make sure they know where I'm coming from even though I've given a detailed status that borders on ridiculous to the point that it should be so clear where I stand and am coming from, that they get it the first time. When it's clear they are in fact, stupid and don't pay attention, I usually respond.


I mean how hard is it???

This is why Twitter will beat Facebook EVERY STINKIN' TIME.

And THAT is end of my rant about the "F" word for today. I'll be stepping off my soapbox now.

Happy (emphasis on the word "happy") Tuesday.



Kara said...

I'm not on Facebook for some of those very reasons. Plus I Have the opinion that I'm still in contact with people who I want to be in contact with. I don't need some random person from my small hometown up in my business.

Plus, I'm not hard to find. Google my name and my law firm pops right up. You can email me from there.

I do get a kick out of others' Facebook drama, like when my grandma joined & tried to friend all my cousins. One didn't want her to know how wild she was, another didn't want her to know she was a lesbian, and another didn't want her to know he had married an African American! That's pretty funny stuff!

Lil' Woman said...

I deleted Facebook for some of those reasons myself. Done with stupid people.

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