Monday, December 5, 2011


This year, we once again are not going to Oklahoma for Christmas. With the timing of Brandon's new job, we just can't go.

When we went home in August, in the back of my mind, I kept thinking that it was still a possibility. It's the optimist in me. Brandon, on the other hand, was more realistic about it. In fact, on our way back to Michigan, he told me that I needed to let my parents know then that I wanted them to come for Thanksgiving or Christmas. I called immediately and said something about Thanksgiving or Christmas.

A month later, Brandon got a job that was set to change the history of Brandon's career. Two months later, we were faced with deciding between multiple offers. But when Brandon got that first job, he knew that he was looking at working holidays, so I made a call to my parents to let them know we wanted them to come for Christmas because once again we wouldn't be home.

THANKFULLY, we will be spending Christmas with my side of the family.

BUT (and this is a BIG BUT!) We will miss out on Christmas for the second year in a row with Brandon's family. That's bad enough, but on top of that, we're expecting news on a new nephew any day now. (I told you this was a big BUT!)

Side Note: Brandon doesn't like me discussing his family on my blog for privacy reasons if you've ever wondered why I don't mention them that often. 

We knew when we came up here that there would be sacrifices that came with this journey that would be less than glamorous.

But this one sucks BIG TIME.

We know that me being in law school in Michigan will only be for so long.

But in the mean time, missing out on Christmas parties, Christmas concerts, Christmas light seeing, and Christmas babies is almost unbearable some days.

We both are struggling with this right now big time. Missing family is VERY hard for both of us since we come from such great families.

So please hug the ones you love today just a little harder and just a little longer if you live close to them.

Like I said, we know that this too shall pass...but today it just stings a little more than usual.

Merry Christmas and Happy Monday.


Brittany said...

Aw, I'm sorry you have to go through all of this. One day you will look back and think that it was all worth it because you'll be an amazing lawyer and that even though it was hard, time just flew by!

Susannah said...

Oh girl, that does suck! I'm so sorry! I hope y'all have a fab Christmas with your family, though.

Susannah said...

Umm, Im sorry, but why am I not on your blog roll hooker?

Susannah said...

Or I could've had too much wine. See it now!

Lil' Woman said...

I'm sorry girl.
I've known that feeling from living in Florida.

Gina said...

I was just stressing today about gifts we have to buy and ALL the stupid parties we have to attend (both of our parents are divorced) and you put it into perspective. Thanks.

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