Thursday, November 10, 2011

Why I Sleep Like a Baby When It Storms

Let me quickly dispense with the obvious reason: I'm from Oklahoma aka Tornado Alley.

I'm used to the storms. In the spring and fall when the "winds come sweeping down the plains," native Oklahomans like myself will take part in a time-honored tradition. When storms get grey, yellow and then the tell-tale green sky that indicates a tornado is near, most will step outside to watch the thing.

Yes, I know how ridiculous and ludicrous this idea may seem to those of you not from the state. In fact, it is ludicrous to some Oklahomans.

The citizens of my hometown, seem to take it one step further and are a little more gutsy in that they'll stay outside longer because usually they don't hit our town.

There are two theories as to why, this is. The first is that geographically based. Our town is in a valley. So it's almost like the storms get further discombobulated with the sudden drop in elevation. Second, there is an Indian blessing that covers us. I agree with both theories. Being a Cherokee, I take comfort in the fact that our elders prayed blessings including safety from harm upon our lands.

So I guess you could say that I'm used to it and science and the spiritual are on my side.

But there is one more reason why I sleep really well during storms.

I happen to call him Dad.

When we were little, before Loren and Will were born, Jessi and I shared a room. It had red shag carpet and a day bed with a trundle underneath it. Jessi had 101 Dalmation sheets and I had Barbie sheets.

Dad always told us when there was a storm to make sure we had our shoes where we could easily grab them in case we needed to head to town for shelter.

I just simply trusted that my dad and mom would do what it took to protect us from harm. I didn't even question it.

When we were older and finally had cell phones, it became a little comical because if we were out somewhere, dad would call us with a "weather report" telling us to be careful.

In college, I never worried because dad was always quick to call us if he saw a weather report of bad weather headed to Norman.

Even now, he calls on occasion to tell me to be careful driving in the snow.

And that's why I sleep well when it storms. It's because of my daddy.

He says that when I have kids I'll understand.

I'm sure I will.

Happy Thursday.


1 comment:

Lil' Woman said...

That is so sweet our your mom was the same way when I lived in Florida :)

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