Friday, November 4, 2011

Preparing for the Long Haul...

On Monday it's Week 10 of the semester.

I know that really doesn't mean anything to y'all, but for me and Brandon it means that I start the move-in process.

And by move-in process, I mean the time when I basically become Brandon's roommate because I'm living at the library. Normally, I look at this time with dread and yet a strange happiness. (I know I'm a nerd.)

I go through a nesting/freak-out phase. It hit last night as I was trying to go to sleep.

If you haven't heard, yesterday was a pretty exciting day for us and Brandon accepted his first offer for his first big kid job!!!! I was wiped out at the end of the day, but I still couldn't shut my brain down because I knew I still had a big project to handle.

I'll spend the weekend freaking out about how far I have to go and how messy my house is. So tomorrow I'll probably do my usual end of the semester deep clean and then write out an attack plan for the rest of the semester of what I need to do for school. I also send out a ton of emails when I do this too. I usually have a ton of questions that arise during this planning time.

Writing this stupid blog post is stressing me out just thinking about it.

But don't worry. It'll be over before we know it.

I just wanna make the same or better grades I made this summer.

I just gotta take one day at a time. I just usually spend this weekend planning out how to do that.

Just keep swimming, I always say.

Hope your weekend is great! Mine will be eventful and yet equally lame at the same time.

Finals will be over in a little over a month.

I feel sick and relieved already.

Happy Friday!



Lil' Woman said...

Good luck girl! :)

AndreaLeigh said...

just keep swimming, just keep swimming! you can do it!

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