Saturday, November 19, 2011

An Open Letter to 11-13 year olds,

Dear Tweens and Teens,

  1. It is unnerving to hear you talk about being excited for the sex scenes in Breaking Dawn. Kids grow up entirely too fast these days. Take it from me, stay young as long as you can. You will have plenty of time for adult activities when you're an ADULT. Also, if you're quoting inaccurate statistics, then you're more than likely not ready to be having sex. You're still too young anyways. 
  2. Be glad that I am not your parent because it is the only thing that prevented me from climbing over the seats to grab you to wash your mouths out with soap. The F word makes you look trashy, not cool.
  3. SHUT UP WHEN THE MOVIE IS ON THE SCREEN. We all paid to be here. I don't want to hear your commentary. We all think that Edward and Jacob are cute. That's why we paid money to be there!
  4. If your friends can't show up on time to the movie and you don't have stuff placed on the seat, then the seat isn't saved. Sorry-boutcha!
  5. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY, PUT YOUR CELL PHONE UP!!! (See #3 about paying money to see the movie just like you!!) 
  6. Get a different role model. A girl who isn't complete unless she's with a dude is no girl you want to be. You have to be whole first and I promise, you won't figure out who you are until after you're finished with high school. Whatever you want to do in life, do it. If you want to be a hair stylist or a rocket scientist, then for gosh sakes, study your butt off and figure out who are you first, before you give it all up for a dude.
  7. You are too young to see this movie. Otherwise, you'd be able to appreciate that Edward and Bella's story is just that, a story and actually it's not even the best story out there. There is a whole world of books to be read besides this series. 
An old fogie and a big sister,



CrysHouse said...

Ha! I teach high school and have heard nothing but Edward and Bella for the last week. First in anticipation. Then, in awe after they saw the movie. I totally get you.

stribble29 said...

All I can say is amen girl!!!!!!

Denise said...


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