Thursday, November 17, 2011

I seriously disagreed with Glee on Tuesday this week.


Yesterday morning, I was watching this week's episode of Glee.

I am a huge fan of Glee, BUT...when Kurt gave his campaign speech about ending dodgeball in schools, I immediately was incensed.

(This is the part where I step up on my soapbox.)

While I agree that what Santana was doing crossed the line, I strongly disagree that dodge ball is about violence.

Dodge ball is a game where there is a clear winner and there is a clear loser.

Losing is never fun and I personally struggle with it. But it is something all people should learn at some point including children. (I don't have kids, but before anyone thinks about getting on his/her soapbox about that, I was a kid myself at some point. In fact, it wasn't that long ago and I remember distinctly playing dodge ball. I hated to lose and lose often I did, but oh the thrill of the win was all that much sweeter when my team did in fact win.)

When kids don't learn to lose, they gain a sense of entitlement. And I am happy to burst a bubble or two on this one: No one is guaranteed to win at everything. It is not a birthright granted to us. When kids don't lose, they become spoiled and have a hard time handling disappointment later in life. I prefer not to out specific examples in my life, but it is more than evident when you meet someone who has this issue.

I have said it before and I'll say it again: The problem as I see it with the school systems today, is that there is no dodge ball and there is no discipline. (I'm not even talking about corporal punishment. I'm talking about the kind that is backed up the by the school from the teacher to the superintendent. But that's another blog post for another day.)

When dodge ball is taken completely from our schools, we have taken one of life's most important lessons with it.

We've taken away the lesson of what great character looks like and that to me is a travesty.

(And this is the part where I step off my soap-box.)

Happy Thursday.

Today, one of my best gal pals, is defending her doctoral dissertation. This is one of the biggest days she'll have on her journey to becoming a doctor. Please make sure to wish her well and pray for her today especially around 1pm EST.


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Susannah said...

A to the men! I totally agree that nowadays, schools and parents are too focused on making every child a winner. For the love, that's not real life! We couldn't even have awards day at school last year unless everyone got an award. Ridic. The kids that work hard should be rewarded!

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