Thursday, October 13, 2011

I'm a fighter. I'm a tiger.

I have been glued to the drama that is the Real Housewives of New Jersey for the past month.

"And ya know wha'?" (spoken in my best Kathy Wakile voice)

It isn't even the drama that we're currently watch unfold on the screen. It's the stuff that's happening in Season 4. It's all on twitter from the Housewives themselves, and of course in the celeb gossip news.When I'm done with homework or just killing time, I'm always checking for the latest gossip on the New Jersey housewives.

In case you're behind, long story short, it is now Team Teresa v. Team Everyone Else as in our girl from Paterson has issues with EVERYONE. (Save Caroline who has her separate beef with Dina, but it's related to Teresa supposedly.)

Now I know way back at the beginning of summer, I wrote how I was Team Giudice on several occasions despite the fact that in Season 2, my devotion to Teresa was waning. (How do you like that for a run-on sentence?) I still think that Joey Gorga could have handled the situation much better. If he wanted to yell, scream or throw punches, he should have done it privately. At the same time, I can also relate to his beef with Teresa as constantly having someone in your life who gives you crap and doesn't want you to be happy, but when you call her on it, she throws a fit.

I know that sometimes my "Team Manzo/Laurita" mentality may seem like it is clouding my judgment on breaking down the fight between Tre and the rest of the girls, but I have my reasons.

First of all, Tre just really seems to have issue with anyone who wants to break into the business side of being a Real Housewife if it isn't her or she doesn't get some sort of cut out of the deal.

SEcond, she really doesn't own up to her actions. It is always someone else doing something that CAUSED her to take action.

Third, why would she try to mess up things with her family? Supposedly, Tre tried to set up Melissa at the Posche Fashion Show exposing that Melissa was a stripper at some point. Now whatever your views are of strippers, I don't understand Tre's need to expose Melissa. She is married to your brother. Yes, she and Joey could get a divorce (I really hope they don't. I don't wish that upon ANYONE.) but Joey and Teresa will ALWAYS be biologically linked as brother and sister. WHY does Teresa think it is in her best interest to cause strife and heartache on someone she loves? WHY does Teresa think it is best to potentially cause marital issues for her brother? One of the hardest transition periods any couple goes through is when they decide they want to be married and the family is made aware of that. It seems that in today's society that it is almost inevitable that someone is going to make that transition for one of the parties in the couple difficult. WHY?? Don't people understand that the damage done in those early years will be with the people for the rest of their lives. They may forgive them a thousand times over, but they will never forget how they felt initially. If you're part of the conflict, whether prey or predator you need to look in the mirror at some point and ask how you got to that point and fix it.

Fourth, as for the "Cookbook" joke heard round the Real Housewife world, I will just say that I've read the introduction and found it to be in poor taste. She could have found another way to have a joke with Caroline, Kathy and Melissa. She knows all of the areas in which she "joked" are sensitive areas, at least that's the way it appears to me. So why would she tease about sore subjects?

Finally, the nail in the coffin for me is that Jacqueline is done with Teresa. Jacqueline as you will remember defended Danielle until the end of Season 1 because she believed in Danielle and what Danielle said. She is loyal to a fault and doesn't walk away from you until you slap her directly in the face it seems. The time for the slapping has come between Teresa and Jacqueline it seems.

And as for the Dina v. Caroline and Joey v. Teresa feuds, they break my heart. I have sisters and a brother and cannot imagine not speaking to one of them for any period of time. But that exact phrase, is exactly what all of them said before any of it happened. I for one am taking it as a serious lesson to make sure that even though my family is a priority, I will make sure that it definitely more so than it is now. It has definitely been a lesson to work hard to make sure that when my sisters and brother bring loved ones into the family, that we all get along. I really hope that all parties resolve their issues...Teresa included. Everyone needs friends and family. If the rumors that she and Joe are having infidelity issues, as well as Joe facing jail time for the alleged fraud case he has against him currently, she'll need family and friends then for sure. If she continues to burn bridges, she will be all alone.

For those of you following the drama, here are two links that I think are important to read to keep an idea of where things stand as of now for the drama:
  • Dina and Caroline Not Talking Confirmed: Article
  • Why Caroline and Jacqueline are really done with Teresa: Article
  • Interview with Caroline, Melissa and Kathy: Article 
  • Finally, here's the preview for this Sunday's reunion: Link
I still am a huge Caroline, Dina and JAcqueline fan. I love their no-nonsense policy on life and they always want the best treatment for all. They love being housewives and in fact, they make it look fun. I HATE that Dina and Caroline aren't talking and I'm dying to know why. That feud, I admit, I really want to hear Dina's side to things. I must admit that I'm beginning to really like Melissa and Kathy too.

And now, that you've read my blog in which I talked about these women like they were my best friends and I know them, I'll stop and ask.

What do you think of the drama currently unfolding on the Real Housewives of New Jersey?

Are you Team Caroline? Or Team Teresa?

What do you think about Bravo finding a villain each season?

Do you follow all the housewives on twitter? (Please say yes, so I don't look like I'm the only one who is wrapped up in this craziness.) 

Tell me!

Happy Thursday!

  1. I was not compensated in any way, shape or form by any of the companies in which I linked to on my blog. I just thought they were the best articles on the subject.  
  2. If any of the housewives read this article and want to say hey, PUHLEEZE email me. I think I would die from starstruck if you did, but I still would think it was awesome. 
  3. Caroline-if you read this, while I love you and your family immensely, the Northeast does NOT have the bullshit on lock. "You can't bullshit a bullshitter" originates in the South, honey. Just because we have the famous Southern hospitality, does not mean that we don't know when someone's trying to pull our leg.


brown eyed girl said...

Girl, you make me giggle. Sometimes I think I'm super-on-top of my celeb goss and then you blow me out of the water!!

I haven't caught up with my DVR, but I am now itching to do so, G is willing to watch RHONJ, so maybe tonight's the night!

Kara said...

I'm totally done with Tre and Joe. I've been beyond irritated with them all season. Caroline and her Manzo crew are still my favs, but I came around to really liking the new girls too.

Brittany said...

Team Caroline always---saying this before I read all of the articles!

Lil' Woman said...

I couldn't have said it better.

Ashley Paige said...

I'm from their town. That being said, I also know the Laurita family personally (okay, well, my brother went to prom with Ashlee, does that count?) So kind of. I've been to their house. Anyways.. I've always been Team Laurita/Manzo as they are THE MOST down-to-earth with an occasional side of cray-cray thrown in. Theresa this season has just lost her godforsaken marbles- there's SO MUCH DRAMA I can barely watch any more and it truly makes me embarrassed to say that I'm from there. In the beginning I couldn't stand Melissa and Joe- but at this point? They're kind of my favorite couple.

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