Friday, September 9, 2011

A Story

My husband says that when I tell a story I have to tell every little detail.

It's true.

This time is no different.

Y'all know that when I turned sixteen my parents got me a car.
It's one of three times I've been surprised in my life.

But have I told you about the time they almost surprised me for my 18th birthday?

Key word: almost.

I know I really should be gracious about people wanting to surprise me. They love me. I get it, but gosh darn it the snoop in me can't help myself.

So back to the story...

My birthday was on a Tuesday that year.

There was, well is a girl I went to high school with that has my first name. Our middle names rhyme. Our last name started with the same letter. We wound up majoring the same in college. She got engaged shortly before I did. We both are in l*aw school.

To top it off, we have the same birthday.

So we always tried to plan our parties separately. Hers was on our actual birthday that year.

The Friday before one of the vice-principals of our school came up to me and said his son couldn't come to the party on Sunday. I hadn't planned my party at this point. I thought I'd do something the Friday after my birthday. So I thought Samantha had changed her party. So I said, "Oh don't you mean the other Sam? We share the same birthday." He gave me a weird look and then a completely different look of recognition and said "Oh yeah, must be."

I didn't think anything of it. I had a football game to get ready for that night. After the game, I told the other Samantha about the football player not coming to her party. She was like,"Oh yeah. Moved the party."

She suddenly needed to go talk to my best friend.

And I still didn't catch on to what was going on...

Sunday rolled around and we headed to the local grocery store for lunch: Burgers and hot-dogs. Mom bought a lot of them.

I still was clueless.

What can I say? I haven't always been amazing at snooping.

When we got home from the grocery store we were putting things away when we got a call. I answered the phone. It was my friend Mark. (This was before everyone had a cellphone yo. You know a whole whopping 9 years ago and all.)
He said, "What time are we supposed to be at your house?"

I said, "What do you mean?"

He said, "The party at your house? You know for your-Never mind. Gotta go."


Suddenly, it all came together.

The party was for me. I turned to mom and said, "So what time is my party?"

She said, "Who told?"

I told her and she said, "Of course. I ask the boys to do one thing...."

You know what that one thing was?

Picking up my cookie cake.

Moral of the story? Make sure you know the full story before you call the birthday girl and tell her you're on your way to her house for a party that used to be a surprise.

Other point to the story. I miss being home for my birthday. My family throws the best parties. My 18th was one of my favorite ones.

Happy Friday y'all.


Lil' Woman said...

I probably wouldn't have thought anything of it either. I can be dense sometimes :)

Brittany Ann said...

My mom tried to throw me one for my 16th party. She gave it away, and she made me fake it so my friends didn't know I'd found out.

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