Friday, September 30, 2011

Something a little less heavy...

Thanks for the comments yesterday y'all. I appreciate them greatly.

Today I thought we'd talk about something a little less heavy...the Real Housewives drama going on in Jersey currently.

  • Jacqueline didn't show for the Reunion taping this week. She tweeted that she was feverish and nauseous. I'm not saying that she wasn't, but I just find it absolutely ludicrous that Bravo went on with the taping without her. That is crazy. There has to be something else going on. And this sucks if she's leaving for sure because I LOVE Jacqueline.
  • I also read today that Jacqueline and Teresa no longer follow one another on twitter...much like Dina and Caroline. If Dina and Caroline are on the outs that really breaks my heart. I love the Manzo family. As for Teresa and everyone else, I am not surprised. Teresa acts like her family is going through a hard time, but still wears the nice things. I get that she owned most of those things before they filed, but it still is in poor taste in my opinion. 
  • There was more drama with Teresa and Melissa this week at the Posche Fashion Show. I'm not really into the specifics but Teresa supposedly tried to make Melissa like she used to be a stripper. I'm not understanding Teresa's need to be so vindictive/"expose" her family. She looks like a serious spoiled brat when she can't let anyone but herself be happy or successful.

Have I missed anything?? What's your take on the Jersey drama? 


AndreaLeigh said...

i have been reading up on this nonsense. apparently jacqueline said she was tired of the drama, and refused to go to the reunion. at the posche fashion show, teresa and kim d. brought in this guy to stage a show down and claim melissa was a stripper. melissa denies it, and she knew teresa was behind it. she called joe & he came to confront teresa. he has been blasting teresa on twitter. jacqueline made a comment that someone (melissa) got stabbed in the back and someone (teresa) is showing her true colors. teresa denies everything.

crazy tunes! jacqueline as much as said on her twitter that she is done.

i hadn't heard that about caroline and dina - what in the world would cause sisters not to speak??!

brown eyed girl said...

Wait. Shut the front door. Caroline? "My family is thick as thieves" Caroline is not talking to Dina?

Lil' Woman said...

I am not of fan of Teresa this season. She thinks that she's being funny and that everyones on her side but she just comes off sounding catty and petty in most episodes.

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