Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happy September y'all: Big News and my first Vlog.

Hey y'all.

It's September. That means, it's my birthday month and college football is officially back.

I. Am. Excited.

In other and unrelated news, my husband has two interviews tomorrow and prayers are definitely appreciated!

Now, I have vlogged for the accent thing. I showered AND put on make-up because I really am that vain wanted to look nice. Brandon said, that I should vlog more often b/c I haven't worn make-up all summer.

Isn't he a total turd sweetheart?

And in my defense, I have worn make-up. I wear eyeliner and mascara and carmex so I don't look like I'm on my deathbed because my eyelashes are blonde. Thankyouverymuch.

ANYWAY, here's the vlog.

Also, I have issues with the word, "anyways," and "um."
Oh yeah, my apologies for the wild bangs I've got going on right now.
I also have no idea what I'm doing in the first 10 seconds or so.

Okay, now here is the vlog.

Oh wait! The big news that I talked about last week. It has to do with my hair. I'm a brunette...currently. I talk about it in the video. 

ANYWAY, FOR THE LOVE! Here is the vlog...

And oh yeah, I'm vain.

Happy September y'all and Boomer Sooner!


Katherine said...

LOVED. VLOG again!

I LOVE the haird. I love the seriousness about the hair. I love the accent. I love the tone.

I miss you.

Susannah said...

Oh em gee! Your hair! Is brown! I like it! I'm sure you've been a stress bucket over it! You look and sound presh!

brown eyed girl said...

I LOVE THE BROWN HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cannot express enthusiasm enough, but please multiply aforementioned by a gazillion.

Kara said...

I'm liking the hair.

I know what you mean though...I went darker a few years ago and it felt odd. Then a very outspoken lady that works at the courthouse said, "Girl, what did you do to yourself, you need to change your hair back to blonde right now!". Ummm, gee, thanks!

But seriously, I like the hair!

Gina said...

Your accent. OH EM GEE. Your accent.

I don't think I would have noticed the hair. Because that accent is so stinkin' cute.

Okay, so I would have noticed the hair. It's adorbs. But yeah.

Lil' Woman said...

Love love love your accent and I think your hair looks fab. Your rockin the brunette girl!

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