Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday Mumblings...

I mumble on Mondays. It's a thing. During finals, my sister does it for me.

Hey y'all, Jessi here. So let's get to it.

  • Why in the world do people allow their kids to walk barefoot in public places? Especially when the parents have shoes on.
  • Some Sunday’s I want to lay my head over in my momma’s lap like the little kids and take nap.
  • I nanny to kids, so majority of the time if the tv is on I have cartoons on for the little guys, but other than that THERE is no good tv shows on in the summer. I usually watch tv when they are down for a nap.
  • I have to take history in the fall Lord help me I pass it with flying colors. It’s not my best subject.
  • I have been off of pop until recently more than a year and a half. When I normally go out to eat I get water. I love water most people despise it, but I love personally. Now here is the kicker when they bring out everyone’s drinks and hand me mine, which is a cup half the size of everyone else’s I want to scream. Just because I wanted water does not mean I am taking cheap way out for paying for a pop and it does not mean I drink less with my meal. It makes me crazy to say the least.
  • I hate packing that is one thing I will wait till the absolute last minute to do.
  • Has anyone else seen like a gazillion grasshoppers in their yard or just around in general this summer. You walk through are yard and it’s like the grasshoppers are listening to the song “Jump, Jump, Jump Around.”
  • I have never been more ready for fall weather in my life. I am over at least 110 degree heat every day.
  • I got a new snazzy license plate frame that says Oklahoma Alumni!
  • I would say that I get approximately 20 emails a day form eharmony…..Lord hear my prayer in this is not how I want to meet my future man.
Happy Monday!


Gina said...

I'm a pretty darn laid-back mama, but even I make my kids wear shoes.

Lil' Woman said...

Ewww...i don't think I would ever let my child roam around barefoot in public unless it was at the beach

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