Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Growing Up Is Not Easy.

Hey guys it’s Jessi here. Sam is already in study mode for finals and I have been trying to be ahead of her and write some blog post. I wrote some ideas down and friends have been heavy on my heart. It is has been heavy on my heart, because I am experiencing something that I did not think I would struggle with.

As many of you know I graduated in May and now have moved back home. My plan is to take few more pre-reqs and then apply to nursing school. I am sure you are wondering how this goes with the title, but hang with me. I love being home and love being able to do things with my family while I was off at college. BUT a girl needs to have some friends .

Let me give you a little back story my senior year of high school there was six of us who went from 1st grade all the way to senior year. We were a tight bunch to say the least. There was three girls and three boys. Out of the six 2 went AWAY to college, so when it came time for me to go to OU and the other friend who went away to school went to different school than me. So come the first day of college my world was ROCKED to say the least.

I remember going to my first class which was Comp I and my prof. told us to get out a piece of paper and just write what was on our mind. I wrote, "I am now going to school with 25,000 people, which is more than the population in my home town and I have one good friend, which is my sister."

I wrote that sentence and then stared at my paper for awhile. This huge football player leaned over to me after I sat there for 5 mins and said, "Are you okay?"

I wanted to cry. I walked back to my dorm, which seemed like the longest walk when you want to bawl your eyes out. Sam and I were roommates, so when I got back she asked how class was.

I said, "Good."

And she gave the look of "Sure it was good."

I immediately had tears start streaming down my face.

I told her that I felt alone she said something to me that has stuck with me ever since.

She said, "Jessi you are going to make friends and friends that will last you a lifetime."

I said I already have friends, but they're at home.  She said, "Yes, exactly they are at home and you are going to make new ones."

This did not include my one friend who went to a college just an hour away. Home was three hours away.

She said, "Your new friends will experience college with you and just life in general with you. They are going to be there with you through many life experiences."

At the time this was hard to understand, but now and through college I understood what she was talking about.

I tell you this, because now that I am back in my hometown. I feel alone when I know just about everyone. I feel as though no one understand who I am as a person and I feel that some do not care to know me. I have called and texted several to do different things, but I get excuses or no response. It really hard to experience being friendless when it is in your own hometown. We discussed what community meant to us and to me it means investing in someone’s or something you love.

I am a big Miranda Lambert fan and her song “The House That Built Me” which has won her many awards speaks a thousand words to me. I mention this song, because the house that built me were my parents, and my friends from OU which includes my older sister and my one friend who went away to college as well. They have experienced the most with me. They are my rock that keep me together, and even though growing up is not easy no matter how much I am struggling now with not having friends near. I know they will always want to invest in my life.

So I encourage you to do this which is to invest in someone’s life, because they may be looking to invest in you just as well!

With love,

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