Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday is "Feelings" Day.

Feelings: physical sensations not connected with sight, hearing, taste, or smell. 

Feelings are a funny thing. I personally get tired of them sometimes. They require a lot of us.

My dad used to tell me when I was younger that I wore my heart on my sleeve. In some ways I have changed and in some ways I haven't. I still struggle with it sometimes.

Currently I'm feeling homesick.

I don't want you to feel sorry for me.

Because this is about my hilarious brother Will.

My sister Jess and I stay in constant contact and tonight she sent me the following text.

But first a little back story.

When Jessi and I were little (around 6-9 years old) we got a monthly allowance of $5. We got $10 if it was a particularly good month or if grades came out.

I always was ready to get the latest purse or baby doll I'd been eying at Wal-Mart or Dillards.

Jessi, on the other hand, was a saver. She would hold her money for months and then eventually get two or three things she'd been eying for a few months. I used to be so jealous.

But then I'd get my allowance the next month and I'd be over it as soon as I picked out my latest and greatest purse.

I often talk about how my baby sister, Loren and I are alike.

Well Jessi and Will are equally alike. They both are stubborn as all get out and always have to have the last word in edgewise.

Watching them argue is like an Olympic sport.

They also are both intensely loyal.

And they both are you guessed it...savers.

My baby brother recently got his first job working at a grocery store. He got one of his first paychecks last week. He decided to save up money for a T-Top Firebird. But he knew that because it has T-Tops it would be more than what my parents would be willing to spend. So he decided to meet them halfway.

Tonight my sister sent me the following text.

Aren't little brothers hilarious?

Clearly, he has some feelings about his moolah for his future car. 

Happy Wednesday!


will breshears said...
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Will B said...

Now listen here j just started saving and yes what is written on the box is very true. And tonight also our wonderful father told me the look at it like you only need 45 $100 dollar bills till you can go get you own firebird. And plus I decided I was going all the way to save it all up and buy a t-top or a convertible and right now the convertible is calling my name.

P.s. If y'all that looked at this comment and didn't figure this out this is her fenominal little brother. Thank you and good night

Gina said...

I was a spender and my brother was a saver. And I got so jealous of the tv that he got with his hard-saved money.

Also, the comment? Hilarious and reminds me of said brother.

Lil' Woman said...

I was a saver when I was younger. I had a board with everyones name and if they had me any money too..I was hardcore with my savings.

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