Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday Mumblings...

Normally, I mumble on Mondays, but it's been a bit of a crazy week round these parts. So Saturday it is.

  • Moot Court was yesterday. It was quite the experience to be judged by your peers. If I get the opportunity, I definitely have some ideas about how I'll be approaching it. I really did have fun arguing, though. I found out at midnight tonight if my partner and I advanced.
  • We started watching Dawson's Creek this week since there is basically nothing on tv save RHONJ. I fall in love with my generation's music every time I watch this series. 
  • I'm still running with the Couch to 5k program. I can't decide if there is any change in my appearance. My husband says he can tell. I'm not so sure. I will say that once finals are over the program should be finished and I'm looking forward to just worrying about getting in a run every day save Sunday.
  • Harry Potter is less than a week away and I can't believe it's finally here. 
  • It is definitely Week 10 almost Week 11 of school because I can feel the pressure kicking in and I like it.
  • I have been drinking 3 Nalgene bottles of water each day and I have to tell you that I feel a lot fresher and ready to tackle the day. 
  • In a few short weeks, we will have officially lived in Michigan for a year. I will be a 2L this fall. I still can't believe that I am literally in the process of becoming an attorney. I just got chills writing that. 
  • I slept for a hard 9 hours last night and then I woke up bright-eyed and bushy tailed. I cranked out a resume/cover letter, blogged, and have organized my reading materials for the day. I just have a run and my reading left to do today! 
Here's some pictures of my family at camp this week! I can't believe my baby sister and brother are going to be 15 this year!

Momma, Loren Beth, Bubba, and Jess

Jess and Bubba

Jess and Loren Beth (my mini-me!)

Also I thought the Harry Potter lovers would enjoy the video that Warner Brothers recently released.

    What's going on in your worlds??

    Happy Saturday!


    Lil' Woman said...

    I hope you advance in your moot trial...I bet that is exciting, up there imitating something you will hopefully be doing soon : )

    Allyson said...

    I am SOOO excited about Harry Potter too!

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