Tuesday, July 12, 2011

High/Low, Rose & Thorns, Pros & Cons

If you follow me on twitter, you know that I'm having a bit of a day.

It's just one of those days where I just would feel a whole lot better if I could throw a wall-eyed hissy fit in the floor. I'm just irritated with myself and if I could crawl out of my skin, I would.

So I'm going to do some High/Lows to get myself out of this funk.

  1. Low/Thorn/Con: Michigan drivers are crazy. There is nothing you can say to change my mind about the subject.
    High/Rose/Pro: It reached 90 today. It really has been a nice summer. I definitely am loving the lack of sweltering weather here.
  2. Low/Thorn/Con: No-Fault Insurance. Google it and then come back and tell me how much a crock it is.
    ONLY two more sleeps until Harry Potter!!
  3. Low/Thorn/Con: Winter in Michigan blows.
    Living in the EST zone means that I'll be watching Harry Potter an hour before everyone else!
  4. Low/Thorn/Con: Have y'all heard about the Casey Anthony jurors that are receiving death threats? They've had to go into hiding! Pathetic. Talk about usurping the judicial system.
    High/Rose/Pro: Dawson's Creek. Amen.
  5. Low/Thorn/Con: The last time I ran was Thursday. Tonight's gonna be a BEAST as my little brother would say.
    Me and husband have been watching Harry Potter this week. It's so cool to watch the progression of things.
  6. Low/Thorn/Con: I haven't been to church/bible study in weeks. I think I found the reason for my funk.
    RHONJ and Switched at Birth are my two favorite shows currently.
  7. Low/Thorn/Con: I miss home.
    The laundry is almost done.
  8. Low/Thorn/Con: Dawson and Joey are breaking up during Season 2 right now. It blows.
    High/Rose/Pro: We have had peanut butter cookies in our house. They are amazing.
  9. Low/Thorn/Con: In a month, I have finals. 
    In a month, I have finals.
  10. Low/Thorn/Con: I really get tired of being sensitive, but at the same time I'm tired of apologizing for who I am.
    High/Rose/Pro: I am going home for Christmas.
 Happy Tuesday!

1 comment:

brown eyed girl said...

Y'all. People threatening the jurors is making me SICK. They did their civic duty and I respect that. People need to STEP OFF. They're mad about CAYLEE not getting justice, the jurors have nothing to do with that.

Also, YAY for being home at Christmas time!!!

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