Saturday, June 18, 2011

Where I am when I Whip My Hair...Part Dos

I'm not even sure why you'd ever think I was close to being done with Willow's song.

I mean when I see someone tweet they're listening to it, or talk about it on Facebook when I've talked to them about the song, I feel like I'm in some way part of the happiness that occurs when listening to this song.

My, that sounded self-absorbed didn't it? Ahem. Or maybe you're wondering why this crazy girl is talking about Whip My Hair. Well then I'll direct you to this post and then you can continue reading on....

Directly out my front door
Well, seeing as I listen to this song on pretty much a daily basis, one shouldn't be surprised that it's found its way into my running routine. But you won't believe how it happened. I tell you it was fate.

When I'm running I start out my front door and go down this sidewalk that winds all the way the neighborhood that goes to the entrance. I run through my little neighborhood and on the edge of it. (By the way, today has been the first day where I haven't been overwhelmingly sore afterward. I think I'm close to finding my pace/stride.)

Anyway, when I end my run, I always have a cool down time that calls for me to walk for 5 minutes. Well, I am usually huffing and puffing pretty good because I try to push myself that last run. (I do the Couch to 5k program and I'm on Week 2 thankyouverymuch!)
Down the sidewalk that is brand spankin' new! We feel kinda high fa-lootin'!
 I usually don't make it to my corner before the podcast is officially over. So I just press shuffle on my iPod and jam out to whatever Mr. Shuffle gives me. Sometimes, I have to flip through a bit because I like to listen to up-beat songs. Well today that was not the case because y'all Mr. DJ played my song!

And y'all just have to know that I busted out into a dance party right there on the spot!
Round the corner to the scene of the crime...err impromptu dance party.

House Left

House Left-Center

Center stage!

House Right
And I totally busted it out for the entire song.

It felt so good to just dance around like a fool without worrying about someone making fun of the way I dance or coming around the corner.

Well, I did worry about that but, I also could kinda watch to see if anyone was coming around the corner too.

The best part about this deal?


PLUS, no one IRL knows about this dirty little secret. Well, at least not the people that live by me that is.

So Willow, thanks for the feel good song.

Happy Saturday y'all!


brown eyed girl said...

I totally had an impromptu dance party in our kitchen the other day while packing, I was listening to Love 'em All..HA!

Lil' Woman said...

Whip that hair girl, get it! :)

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