Monday, June 13, 2011

RHONJ: The Amazing Grace Re-Mix

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me.
I once was lost but now am found,
Was blind, but now I see.
-Amazing Grace by John Newton

Yes, I posted the lyrics for the song. It just goes to so many things that I think about this week's episode. So let's just get right to Melissa.

All season long we've been told by her "Just wait, you'll see. You'll see," as to why Teresa is the problem and not her. Bad editing has been blamed. And quite frankly, I am beginning to think we have a less crazy Danielle on our hands.

For starters, Melissa claims that she loves Jesus and thanks him all the time for everything she has. And that's great, but it's really hard for me to believe her sincerity when she doesn't know the quintessential song about faith. People who aren't believers of Christ know the lyrics to that song. I mean it's plain as day that the reason she came onto to the show, at least it's clear for me anyway, is to get a music career and to bash Teresa.

So why doesn't she own it?

Oh, that's right, she'd look really bad.

So for the past few weeks, we've watched her act like she's innocent making claim after claim that she wants peace for her family. But when it is time to act on it, we see the exact opposite.

Talk is cheap and Melissa can complain all she wants about how this is ALL Teresa's fault, but what I see as a viewer is MUCH different.

Gia's gymnastic meet is a prime example of that.

They show up two hours late completely missing the meet of a child. And Melissa's response?

"Well Teresa's always late to family events."

Well, if she is that is on Teresa. Teresa is a big girl and you need to worry about Melissa. If Melissa wants change then she needs to be the example and make sure she's on time for a LITTLE GIRL's gymnastic meet.

Who cares if Teresa is late. This isn't about Teresa. It isn't even about you Melissa. It's about Gia. Remember one of those little kids that you're upset about this all affecting? The unfortunate part in this is that Gia unlike the other kiddos is at the age where she is old enough to understand what is going on between y'all.

Another great example, after the meet. Melissa who again claims wants nothing but peace does nothing but complain as soon as they get home. It was clear that everyone got along that day. And in fact, I thought that you were the only one who had a sour puss attitude about the day. It was evident on your face that you didn't like the fact that your husband was getting along with his family. In case you haven't figured it out, Joey will always be their brother and son. There is NOTHING that you can change about that. Even if y'all don't speak, they are still related.

So why can't you make the best out of the situation and keep your mouth shut?

And then she gets upset about her MIL leaving? Well, everyone in the world knows that Joey's dad isn't in good health. She's your MIL. Show some respect!

You would not have your husband if it were not for this woman!

The problem with all this is that I think Melissa can be a good person. She is fabulous with her kids and it is clear that when she's not worried about what Teresa is doing she has a great relationship with her husband. Maybe this singing deal will be what helps Melissa get over Melissa. She has too much time on her hands and with all that time she's constantly over-analyzing every situation.

Sometimes, things only exist because we want them to exist. Melissa wants a bad relationship between her SIL and her husband to exist. That is more than transparent.

When Melissa decides that she wants peace, there will be peace. She won't be worried about everything that Teresa says/doesn't say and does/didn't do.


I am NOT saying that Teresa isn't without blame. She definitely has some owning up to do in the situation.

But am I saying that Melissa is the majority of the problem? As of now, yes. She still has a full season to change my mind. But for the moment, I think that Melissa is the problem.

Now, as for the rest of the Housewives...

Caroline is going through Empty Nest Syndrome and she is writing Mommy Advice columns.


Jacqueline's husband is a SUCKER. Ashley is a spoiled brat.


Kathy...ha, well she has contracts with her children. I think this is a terrible idea for teenagers. Contracts are always open for negotiation especially when your children are the ones to draft them. It gives them pull. Kids don't need pull. They need PARENTS.


Oh Teresa. Yes, Melissa is snide, but it doesn't mean you have to stoop to their level. And claiming that it is all them isn't working for you especially when you openly state in last week's episode that you threw away cookies to get back at Melissa's card congratulating you on your "re-done" home. (Side note: RE-DONE HOME?? Really? How shady can a person get?)

Instead of throwing out cookies, you should have called Melissa on it. Of course, there is a good possibility that Melissa wouldn't own up to it. But maybe just maybe your brother would have seen the stunts she pulls.

The thing is, you don't have to help the stupid be stupid. They'll do it on their own. Just sit back and watch it happen. In the mean time Teresa needs to apologize to her brother for his family.

Does Melissa need an apology face to face? I don't necessarily think so. If Joey has a problem with his family, then Joey deals with it. If Melissa has a problem with Melissa's family, then Melissa deals with it. It just leaves things less messy.

But would it be nice if she got one? Definitely. Then things don't get lost in translation and more misunderstands don't occur.

The preview for next week looks very interesting. Teresa is supposed to meet with Joey and Melissa on separate occasions.

In other RHONJ news, I read on a tabloid site that Dina and Caroline aren't getting along?!?!? SAY IT ISN'T SO!

What are your thoughts on this week's and last week's episode?

Happy Monday!

P.s. I'll mumble later in the week.


PrettyinPink said...
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Brittany said...

I totally agree. Melissa is CRAZY!! I also do not like Kathy. She's just there stirring the pot along. I don't think Teresa isn't to blame, she just needs to chill! I love Caroline. It would be sad if she and Dina weren't getting along. I also think Jacqueline is doing much better this season. She seems to be helping rather than getting in the middle. :)

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