Thursday, June 30, 2011

Questions about Running and A Quick Update

I have questions for y'all experienced runners.

  1. What did you wear when you were in your heavier/beginning running days? I want to know about everything from shorts to under garments.
  2. What shoes do you prefer?
  3. What are some of your favorite stretches to do? 
  4. When do you prefer to run and why?
I think that should be enough to keep y'all busy.

I mentioned this yesterday, but I am now running more than I am walking. I think I may post a picture of my body in the beginning to my body now since I've been going for almost a month. 

I really feel myself starting to find my stride. I am way better at long distance than running for short amounts of time.

Happy Thursday!


leslie a. knight said...

You should definitely post a picture. Comparisons are always good. When I feel like not working out or giving up, I look at my current comparison picture, and it motivates me a lot.

Mrs. Potts said...

I am not a runner, so I can't give you much advice, but when a girlfriend of mine started running she liked to wear biking shorts under running shorts. She said it helped her thighs not rub.

I personally like the Nike Air Pegasus (I do a walk/job). I'd go to a running store though & get your gait checked to see what kind of shoes work well for you.

Good luck with running! I wish I enjoyed it. :)

Mrs. Potts said...

PS: I like morning. I get it out of the way (no matter what I do) & it is much cooler here!

Chantel said...

Get a Nike Plus, google it and find the website to learn more about it. I used to run a lot, then I stopped. I started again with my Nike Plus and it tracks every step, it even posts to Facebook and your Nike page you will create. It keeps track of pace, distance, times, it's an AMAZING tool to track your progress and it holds you accountable to hitting goals and your runs......I am at over 70 miles this last month!!! It will make you want to run!~~!~

I love champion sports bras and running pants, either the flared capris that are fitted on top or the knee fitted pants, they wick sweat and you don't have to show off your legs! I run in a newer pair of soft soled nike shoes, running shoes are really to each their own but make sure you have shoes that work for you, they can make all the difference Good luck and keep us posted!!!

Chantel said...

Just to give you an idea:

sgme said...

I too love Champion sports bras, and I always wear a t-shirt that is too big with loose shorts. For shoes I love addidas venus or bounce or Asics, but as another person said, it is all personal preference. Enjoy and good luck

brown eyed girl said...

* Totally post a picture if you can, I did my pictures in undies & bra and appreciate having them.

* I wore shorts from Old Navy, circa 1999/2000 ish when I first started and college teeshirts. I also wore my old New Balance sneakers when I first started running.

* My sneakers are C9 or whatever Target has. I replace my sneakers every three months (approximately 300 miles) and our budget doesn't allow me to purchase 50-80 dollar sneakers every three months.

* I wear C9 by champion at Target, exclusively, for my running gear. It's cheap, does the job, and has lasted well.

* I run in the mornings, it gets crossed off the to-do list, it's cooler re: temperature, and works best for my schedule.

* NikePlus helps a LOT. I bought a rubber thing to insert the sensor on my shoe laces and it works wonderfully. I have an extra two if you and/or B want them?


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