Friday, June 24, 2011

Post #700: the one wherein I state the obvious like Captain Obvious himself.


Apparently, I say certain phrases on a regular basis that prove my status as a Southerner.

Some that come to my off the top of my head are:
  1. Bless your heart-this can mean a multitude of things.
  2. P.S. -I say this when I want to add something else into the conversation that I forgot to mention earlier. Instead of saying that long-winded phrase, I just say P.S. like I've written you a letter. It's more personal that way. I started doing this in college and it just stuck. 
  3. Shut the front door-this one I say instead of saying "WTF." 
  4. Shocker.-Most of the time there isn't a shocker when I say this. That's the point. It's called soaking-wet sarcasm people. Look it up. 
  5. Y'all-I mean we can't forget that one.
But the most prominent and most frequent probably has to be: "Well shut my mouth."

Case in point...last week a buddy from class sent me a video that reminded him of me.

The video?

Makes things crystal clear doesn't it?

Happy Friday...Y'ALL.

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