Friday, June 17, 2011

Petty Complaints

I'm sorry, but I need to complain about stupid stuff for a minute. Don't act like you're above it.

  1. Facebook. Seriously, I'm ready to delete. I get so tired of people and their passive/aggressive statuses. 
  2. Speaking of passive aggressive, it also irritates me when people skirt around the fact that they were supposed to do something with you and then back out by not responding to text messages. 
  3. If someone says something to you on twitter, and they reply to all the other parties EXCEPT you. I don't know why, but that bugs me. Or if they don't reply to you at all for that matter. I'm bad about giving a delayed response because of school, but I always get back to people. 
  4. People not communicating with each other when they have a problem. Working through your issues are hard, but when you're at a bad place in your life and need someone, you won't have to worry about approaching that person for help. Plus, the reason people have problems with each other usually have to do with the individuals. 
  5. Classes in the summertime. Do I need to elaborate on this?
  6. People who don't say excuse me in the grocery store.
  7. Huge libraries that only have one three-hole punch that doesn't work.  But yet they can afford to remodel the place. 
  8. Butt-kissers.
  9. The fact that I bit off my nails. Just irritates me. 
  10. Pot stirrers. I just don't have time for it. 
What are your complaints that you know are petty, but you just need to complain a little anyway?

Happy Friday!


    Kara said...

    Good list. Mine for the week are...

    people who don't acknowledge that you are going through a rough patch (and by people, I mean that people that know and SHOULD be there for you)

    People who don't say thank you when you have gone out of your way to do something, when they know tht you didn't really have time to do it in the first place!

    brown eyed girl said...

    My complaint? People who don't know that the left lane is for passing.

    People who don't go and get their laundry when it's ready.

    Or people who move my laundry out of the washer/dryer rightthesecondafteritbuzzes.

    Lil' Woman said...

    I feel the same way about Facebook...I'm over people and their whiny statuses.

    Brittany said...

    I hate when people one up. I have someone in my family who does it ALL THE TIME! Seriously? Can I have anything exciting to interesting happen to me that has NOT happened to you?!

    Also, A LOT....TWO WORDS...I see this on twitter ALL the time! haha That's more of a pet peeve. :) Great post!

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