Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Rules FOR ME regarding my weight loss.

Hello kids.

Fat girl here.

And I figured that it is time for me to blog again about this whole weight loss thing. The running is hard, but getting better. I thought I should make some rules for myself regarding this change in my life. So here goes.

  1. Sunday is a day of rest, so it will be my day of rest too. I won't run and I'll enjoy a Coke Zero or an extra piece of pie. If I go out for a hot date with the hubs or with friends, then I'll adjust my "Sabbath."
  2. I will drink more water and eat more fruit. I love fruit, I just need to eat more of it. 
  3. I won't completely bar myself from anything, but I won't go overboard either. Moderation is a good thing. 
  4. I will push myself but not to the point of exhaustion. 
  5. I will put all of my worries, fears and anxieties into my running while praying to God and I will have fun.
What are your rules for a healthy lifestyle?

Happy Tuesday.


brown eyed girl said...

No rules, except I take a rest day at least once a week and stop running when I feel like it's necessary (i.e.: not in the mood, something's hurting, not feeling good).

Me and food, we haven't gotten on the same page yet, unfortch.

leslie a. knight said...

Mine are similar. I'm doing a lot of praying right now. For me it's not just losing weight. It is a lifestyle change and going after the life God has for me.

I rest on Saturday and Sunday. I also document all my food and exercise on LoseIt.com. And I don't make any excuses.

I'm also blogging about my hope to lose 100 pounds. I want to share my story as I am going through it. I also want people to know they are not alone as they look to lose weight.

And goals. I have lots of goals - some pertain to losing weight and some do not. But they are there to remind me that there is so much to work towards.

Laura said...

I think it's good that you're not banning anything. I think you're dead on with moderation being key. You can have anything - just in moderation. Which is usually the issue for a lot of people, myself included - when do I stop? But it's so good... :)

Domesticated-Bliss said...

UGH this is the bain of my existence. I know exactly what to do I just can't ever stick to anything. I have 88 days to get in shape LOL, we're going to the Keys on vacation in September and I would love to be more toned/muscular. I dont' even really care about the weight - though I do need to lose about 40 pounds - I just want to feel better about myself. I've been praying for you girl - remember me would you??

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