Thursday, June 30, 2011

Questions about Running and A Quick Update

I have questions for y'all experienced runners.

  1. What did you wear when you were in your heavier/beginning running days? I want to know about everything from shorts to under garments.
  2. What shoes do you prefer?
  3. What are some of your favorite stretches to do? 
  4. When do you prefer to run and why?
I think that should be enough to keep y'all busy.

I mentioned this yesterday, but I am now running more than I am walking. I think I may post a picture of my body in the beginning to my body now since I've been going for almost a month. 

I really feel myself starting to find my stride. I am way better at long distance than running for short amounts of time.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday is "A Day in the Life of..." Day.

A Day in the Life ofthis post is inspired by Kelly from Kelly's Korner. She's currently doing a week long series of what her life is currently like. I thought I'd post what a typical class day is for me as a l a w student.

I get up anywhere from 7 to 8 in the morning depending on what kind of hair maintenance I have to do that day. This morning I was in the shower by 7:30. Paisley obviously was still in bed and couldn't be bothered by me.

This is my outfit choice for the day. I also went curly with the hair.

Once I was ready to go, Paisley hopped down from the bed to go potty.
Of course, she couldn't be bothered again for a picture because she's a brat very busy puppy.

This is my planner. Before class it looked reasonable and then I went to a meeting for a competition I'm entering and reasonable went out the door faster than a New York minute.

After this meeting, I drove home for a quick lunch. Look how green it is outside.

I let Paisley out and realized that yes, that pile of clean laundry still needs to be folded.
While I was waiting for my lunch to warm, I scanned through my blogs and discovered that The Big Boo Cast (aka Big Mama and Boo Mama) posted another podcast. If you're not listening to them already, you should be. It's like listening to my sister's best friend's momma, Karen-did you follow that business??-and my momma talk.

Today for lunch I had leftovers. If you've had the Pioneer Woman's Stuffed Shells, this is the same with a variation. I have a husband who doesn't like ricotta cheese, so I just threw in spaghetti instead this go-round as opposed to less ricotta. After lunch I went back to school to work on some practice essays.

Then back home. I had some organization to do. They say the best attorneys are the most organized. God bless OCD for once. I watched Mob Wives while I worked through my project.

Then before I knew it, it was time for my run. I've been doing the Couch to 5k program. Tonight for the first time I ran more than I walked during my run. I'll post an update soon. I'm in Week 4 and I can't believe it.

I got back from my run just as The Voice started. I wanted Dia to win.

Once I felt like I could breath again, I ate my dinner except for the peas. I don't do peas.

And finally, I created a review blog that y'all should follow! I'm writing this blog post you're reading and one more before I take a bath, shave my legs, read some cases and then bed.

Happy Wednesday y'all!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Momma's got a brand new bag...err office!

As you know my first office looked like this

On Saturday we got a text from some of our favorite people we've met at church asking if we needed a sectional.


So we had to decide what to do with our other furniture. We quickly decided that in order to make the best of our space I was going to get moved to the main area of the man cave. We had planned on moving me out there soon anyway because it was just going to be a cleaner look. Well y'all. It all turned out great!

I'm really excited about our new joint office.

We both have a good working space.

It even makes us look like adults.

I have lots of blank walls to work with in this room. I am really excited about that.

Huzzah for our new sectional!

It makes us feel like grown-ups!

Paisley obviously likes it too! 

Happy Tuesday y'all!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Mumblings...

I mumble on Mondays. It just takes me a bit to get going at the beginning of the week. It's a thing. You get used to it.

  • I have so many things on my to-do list for real life right now, but it's week 9 and I can feel myself starting to retreat into nothing but the law until finals are over. 
  • Some examples of my to-do list: 
    • I need to send out baby presents.
    • I need to get my hair done.
    • I need to get with my blog designer for a new look.
  • This is the last week in my planner for the past year. Isn't that crazy?!?!
  • When I'm stressed my go-to candy are blow-pops and chocolate with peanut butter in it. Amen and amen!
  • As crazy busy as my life is about to get, I totally love it because I love to have things to do. I am a person who needs a deadline. Most people do.  But for me I just come alive. 
  • I have written two of three memos I have to write for this semester. That is nutso!
  • I have been jamming out to John Mayer a lot recently. 
  • I love a good Project Runway marathon. 
  • I got registered on Pottermore at 3am Friday morning. I was up editing and re-writing my paper then.
  • I can't believe that June has pretty much come and gone already!
  • July will be rough, but the bright and fun spots include the 4th of July, Harry Potter premiere on July 15, and Brandon's birthday on July 21st. 
  • There are a LOT of good movies coming out this summer. 
    • Bad Teacher
    • Thor
    • Captain America
    • Harry Potter
    • The Help
    • Transformers 3
    • Cars 2
  • Dina Manzo has the best bubbies ever. 
  • I had a dream last night that it was snowing here. The way the weather has been here recently, I'm closer to fall temps than I am spring/summer temps. 
  • My brat of a sister  baby sister told me yesterday that I was knocking on 30's doorstep. I could have kicked the little twerp. I'm only 26 thank you very much!
  • We're currently in the process of getting new neighbors. It's been a bit noisy with people moving in their furniture, but we're hoping for some friendlier people this go-round. We'll see. 
Happy Monday y'all!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Post #700: the one wherein I state the obvious like Captain Obvious himself.


Apparently, I say certain phrases on a regular basis that prove my status as a Southerner.

Some that come to my off the top of my head are:
  1. Bless your heart-this can mean a multitude of things.
  2. P.S. -I say this when I want to add something else into the conversation that I forgot to mention earlier. Instead of saying that long-winded phrase, I just say P.S. like I've written you a letter. It's more personal that way. I started doing this in college and it just stuck. 
  3. Shut the front door-this one I say instead of saying "WTF." 
  4. Shocker.-Most of the time there isn't a shocker when I say this. That's the point. It's called soaking-wet sarcasm people. Look it up. 
  5. Y'all-I mean we can't forget that one.
But the most prominent and most frequent probably has to be: "Well shut my mouth."

Case in point...last week a buddy from class sent me a video that reminded him of me.

The video?

Makes things crystal clear doesn't it?

Happy Friday...Y'ALL.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Well kids, early this morning I got out of bed because I really am that crazy about Harry Potter I wanted to know what this Pottermore thing was all about.

Yesterday I tweeted that I was going to be disappointed if this was just a big online game for Harry Potter fans. Don't get me wrong, I think it would be cool to see the graphics, but playing this game for hours on end is not exactly something that fits into my schedule.

However, when I saw that this interactive reading experience would allow me to find out even more information about the world that is Harry Potter I was more than intrigued.

For example, I can:
  1. Finally find out what house I belong in- Apparently it's not a bad thing to be a Slytherin and if we're in another house besides Gryffindor, we'll be sure to find out loads more about the Houses.
  2. Find out what kind of wand would have chosen me and why.
  3. Learn the back story on Professor McGonagall including a love story and her friendship with Albus Dumbledore
  4. See places like Diagon Alley and Hogwarts.
  5. Learn how to make potions and cast charms and spells to help my House! ("Please not Slytherin! Please not Slytherin!")
    • EDITED TO ADD: I should note that I've always thought I would be in Slytherin House. I just like to quote the books because it's fun and technically a play on words of sorts!
And as the line goes, "I must not tell lies." I am super excited!!

J.K. Rowling has reportedly written over 18,000 words already for the new information and is only a 1/3 of what is to come out. Everything that is given on the site will be from her AND there is still a potential promise of the long awaited encyclopedia!

Now if I could only register my email address! I mean really, J.K. Rowling and Warner Brothers come out with this great idea and they can't make a website to support the thing?!?!

I should add that audio books with tons of extras can be bought as well as the eReaders. Not that I'll be purchasing any of them because I like paper. Ahem.

If you have more questions, I suggest that you go to or one of the other fan websites.

Happy Thursday!!

P.S. We are less than a month away from the last movie!!

Also, I was not paid to write this in any way, shape, or form. I am just a unashamed Harry Potter fan!

HOWEVER, should Ms. Rowling herself see this, email me because I'd love to meet you!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday is "The Best Road Trip EVER" Day.

Best Road Trip EVER: the time I went to Washington D.C. with my aunt and uncle, sister and Grannie and lived to tell the tale.

I'm gonna be straight and tell you that there is no point in telling this story other than I want to tell it.

Last week, I was at Subway eating lunch with my one of my pals from school and I was staring out the window while waiting to place my order. The way the street and trees were placed reminded me of the way the trees and roads looked in D.C. and I suddenly was thinking about what probably is the best road trip that I have EVER been on...

The summer after I graduated high school, I was generally enjoying myself. I was on my way out of my hometown and summer camps were one of the fun ways I was spending the time before I went on to the glory that is Norman.

It happened that about a week and a half before we went to one of said camps that my dad asked if my sister and I wanted to go with my Aunt Sheila and Uncle Hal to Washington D.C.

I was going to be a political science major at OU and a self-proclaimed history nerd/buff.

I'm more than sure that I gave my daddy a "I can't believe you're asking if I want to go. Of course I want to go. DUH!" looks.

This was at least three years before my Grannie started suffering from Alzheimer's. She was very lucid. Very fiery. Very sassy. VERY nosey. AND VERY lacking in the personal space department.

She was one of those ladies, God bless her, that would show up to our house unannounced any time of the day that pleased her. She didn't understand that a simple phone call before coming out to the house might have been the best way to go so she wouldn't spend more than half her time complaining about us never being home for her to visit, and how dare her son have the gaul to tell her that when the inevitable conversation occurred.


It happened that my daddy was talking to her on the phone in the kitchen. (back when people had phones in their know all of 8 years ago.) I wasn't really paying attention to the conversation until I heard him say, "Oh you are? Well I'm sure Aunt Babe will be happy to see you."

I went back to reading/watching tv/ being a teenager and not paying attention while in the back of my mind praying that what was mentioned had nothing to do with my trip to D.C. in a few weeks.

And that's when he lowered the boom-NAME THAT MOVIE!-  on me.

Dad got off the phone and said, "Well looks like Grannie's going on your trip with you."

I wanted to cry.

I know that it sounds like I'm giving my Grannie the harsh treatment, but y'all when you've been to Vegas and back with this woman, then you can complain about like I can.

On that trip, she brought so much stuff that she filled the entire floorboard and part of the back windows because she insisted on not listening to my dad and THEN proceeded to TALK the entire way there and back. And if we dare interrupted her, we got into trouble.

Needless to say, I was not aching to get back in the car with her for an extended period of time any time soon.

So I called in my sister because she was supposed to be my traveling companion. She also happens to have a way with getting her way with our daddy. So if there was any negotiating that needed to happen on our behalf, I was going to need her there to help.

I told Jessi what was happening and she was also less than pleased because while I had to deal with Grannie's crap being everywhere on the trip to Vegas, she had lost precious sleep time because Grannie "jacked her jaws" so much.

It seemed however, that before we could even get huffy puffy about it, my dad had some news. It happened that we were going through Ohio to drop Grannie off to see Aunt Babe, her sister. Then the four of us would head on to D.C. and then on our way back would pick her back up. He also said that we could plan stuff to take with us to drown her out.

A week and a half later, we were packed and ready to go. Things were relatively quiet for her part. Grannie had pushed a few buttons like she knew how to do so well, but other than that I was enjoying myself.

And then we got to my Aunt Babe's house.

It wound up that we were going to stay for a few days and then go on to D.C. This wasn't ideal and we knew it was going to happen, but we also hadn't seen this family in awhile.

How bad could it be?

Ha. If I only knew.

Aunt Babe's daughter, Myra happened to live with her because she had the beginning stages of Alzheimer's. Not that big of a deal except that Myra was a hoarder.

If you have ever been around anyone with this problem and you don't have this problem, it is a sight to behold for sure especially when you're as meticulous as my aunt is.

We wound up cleaning her back yard while my aunt pleaded with her 1st cousin to part with some of the junk that had accumulated.

By the time the day rolled around that we were to leave we ready to go.

Plus, our aunt and uncle were ready to see their kiddos who were in D.C. for some type of conference.

We drove on and when we started getting close to the city, things suddenly looked historical every which way we turned.

My eyes were about to pop out of my head. I felt so at home. Reading all the history books were coming alive before my very eyes and I just couldn't get over it.

My aunt found this great hotel that was within walking distance of everything. And if it wasn't in walking distance, the metro was just around the corner.

We saw the Capitol, the White House from afar, the Smithsonian, marched on Washington Mall, saw a Holocaust museum, the Vietnam Memorial, Ford Theatre and spent all day at Arlington.

when we went to the Capitol, I lost my mind for a momentary basis when I almost didn't leave my lotion behind. It was my first experience with a post 9-11 world and I was about to lose it over losing my Coconut Lime Verbena lotion. Thankfully, my aunt pointed me to reason as she said, "You can see the Capitol and lose your lotion. Or not see the Capitol of the United STates and keep your lotion."

Obviously, I saw the Capitol. I saw the first house of Congress. Saw the Declaration of Independence and saw many senators on their way to Senate hearings. I was in my element.

When we were at the Smithsonian, I saw a replica of the West Wing of the White House which kinda made up for not being able to go inside the actual White House and was moved when I saw the flag that had been at the Pentagon after 9-11.

I thought of my dad when we were on Washington Mall because he was just out of high school himself when the protests for the Vietnam War occurred there. I peered up at President Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial and spotted the Masonic symbol on the Washington Monument.

I was blown away when we visited the National Holocaust Museum as we stood in a room of shoes that were taken from Holocaust victims upon their arrival to internment camps. It seemed like the room went for days.

I saw the Changing of the Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington. Saw Jack, Jackie, and Bobby Kennedy's graves and the Eternal Flame. My feet hurt so bad at the end of this day because we walked so much.

On our last night, we stumbled upon the Ford Theater where President Lincoln was shot. It is way smaller than I expected it to be. We didn't get to go in because it was closed for the day, but it was still cool to see.

While we were in D.C., I found out that my aunt had a copy of Hillary's Rodham Clinton's recently released, autobiography. I will say that I was shocked to see she had this. I tore through it at night and thought about it during the day.

We ate at this really swanky restaurant and then also ate at McDonald's. After we ate at McDonald's I found a copy of the newly released Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

And then just as soon as we were there, it was time to leave.

We spent the next day traveling back to Ohio talking about all the sights we saw.

And then it was time to pick up Grannie who wanted to recount every minor detail about how sick her sister was, how dirty the house was, how the food was, how many times she went poo, and what the weather was like. She did take a breath on occasion I am here to say.

Then miracle of miracles, SHE FELL ASLEEP!

So we rode along and continued to talk about our trip and I read HP and the Goblet of Fire.

And suddenly she woke up and was super hungry and wanted some chicken from KFC. She said she'd buy.

Now when my Grannie said she was gonna buy, you took her up on it. She was very thrifty.

We found our KFC, went through the drive-thru and rolled on down the road.

It was getting dark outside and then we heard a sound like a cow crying in the pasture. "OOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhh. OOOOOOOOoooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhh."

Except that sound was my Grannie...."OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoohhhhhh. Oooooooohhh my gut hurts!"

This went on for hours because we were on a stretch of road that stops were sparse and when we found one to stop. She didn't want to stop.

It was so hard not to laugh. She was in pain, but y'all the sound she was making was hilarious.

Finally, my aunt told my uncle to pull over and that my Grannie was gonna get out whether she liked it or not. We pulled in at a stop in Joplin Missouri.

When she finally got out and the door closed, we just kinda sat there. We waited until she walked in the door and then all the same time busted up laughing.

30 minutes later she came back to the car and said, "Woooo-ee. That was awful."

We busted up again. She laughed at herself too...especially when she realized she went into the men's bathroom.

It definitely was quite the trip.

Happy Wednesday y'all!

Monday, June 20, 2011

6 years ago today...

If every word I said
Could make you laugh
I'd talk forever (together my love)
I ask the sky just what we had
Mmm It shone forever (together my love my my my my my my my my my my my
my my)
If the song I sing to you
Could fill your heart with joy
I'd sing forever (together my love my my my my)
I've been so happy loving you

Do do do do do do do do do together my love

Let the love I have for you
Live in your heart
And beat forever (together my love)
I've been so happy loving you

Baby just let me sing it my baby
I wanna be singin' my baby
Baby baby baby my baby
I wanna be singin'
I wanna be singin' my baby
Oh oh oh oh
My my my my my my

So I'm goin' away
Mmm but not forever
Na na na na
I gotta love you anyway

Forever- The Beach Boys

I met my future husband. Like on a Monday and everything!

Click here to read the story about how we fell in love in the summer of 2005.

Falling in love with Brandon is just one of many reasons why I LOVE summertime.

Happy Monday!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Where I am when I Whip My Hair...Part Dos

I'm not even sure why you'd ever think I was close to being done with Willow's song.

I mean when I see someone tweet they're listening to it, or talk about it on Facebook when I've talked to them about the song, I feel like I'm in some way part of the happiness that occurs when listening to this song.

My, that sounded self-absorbed didn't it? Ahem. Or maybe you're wondering why this crazy girl is talking about Whip My Hair. Well then I'll direct you to this post and then you can continue reading on....

Directly out my front door
Well, seeing as I listen to this song on pretty much a daily basis, one shouldn't be surprised that it's found its way into my running routine. But you won't believe how it happened. I tell you it was fate.

When I'm running I start out my front door and go down this sidewalk that winds all the way the neighborhood that goes to the entrance. I run through my little neighborhood and on the edge of it. (By the way, today has been the first day where I haven't been overwhelmingly sore afterward. I think I'm close to finding my pace/stride.)

Anyway, when I end my run, I always have a cool down time that calls for me to walk for 5 minutes. Well, I am usually huffing and puffing pretty good because I try to push myself that last run. (I do the Couch to 5k program and I'm on Week 2 thankyouverymuch!)
Down the sidewalk that is brand spankin' new! We feel kinda high fa-lootin'!
 I usually don't make it to my corner before the podcast is officially over. So I just press shuffle on my iPod and jam out to whatever Mr. Shuffle gives me. Sometimes, I have to flip through a bit because I like to listen to up-beat songs. Well today that was not the case because y'all Mr. DJ played my song!

And y'all just have to know that I busted out into a dance party right there on the spot!
Round the corner to the scene of the crime...err impromptu dance party.

House Left

House Left-Center

Center stage!

House Right
And I totally busted it out for the entire song.

It felt so good to just dance around like a fool without worrying about someone making fun of the way I dance or coming around the corner.

Well, I did worry about that but, I also could kinda watch to see if anyone was coming around the corner too.

The best part about this deal?


PLUS, no one IRL knows about this dirty little secret. Well, at least not the people that live by me that is.

So Willow, thanks for the feel good song.

Happy Saturday y'all!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Petty Complaints

I'm sorry, but I need to complain about stupid stuff for a minute. Don't act like you're above it.

  1. Facebook. Seriously, I'm ready to delete. I get so tired of people and their passive/aggressive statuses. 
  2. Speaking of passive aggressive, it also irritates me when people skirt around the fact that they were supposed to do something with you and then back out by not responding to text messages. 
  3. If someone says something to you on twitter, and they reply to all the other parties EXCEPT you. I don't know why, but that bugs me. Or if they don't reply to you at all for that matter. I'm bad about giving a delayed response because of school, but I always get back to people. 
  4. People not communicating with each other when they have a problem. Working through your issues are hard, but when you're at a bad place in your life and need someone, you won't have to worry about approaching that person for help. Plus, the reason people have problems with each other usually have to do with the individuals. 
  5. Classes in the summertime. Do I need to elaborate on this?
  6. People who don't say excuse me in the grocery store.
  7. Huge libraries that only have one three-hole punch that doesn't work.  But yet they can afford to remodel the place. 
  8. Butt-kissers.
  9. The fact that I bit off my nails. Just irritates me. 
  10. Pot stirrers. I just don't have time for it. 
What are your complaints that you know are petty, but you just need to complain a little anyway?

Happy Friday!

    Thursday, June 16, 2011

    Things I'm a diggin....

    I totally am digging these things right now.

    I think I've mentioned this already, but I totally am gonna pick this phone cover up at some point.

    Reading school stuff is so much better when one is by the pool.
    The Big Mama and Boo Mama Podcasts. Seriously, I feel like I'm listening to people from home talk. I mean this new favorite thing is up there with The Pioneer Woman in the blog world as far as I'm concerned.  

    Also, I LOVE Billy Beirut Nachos from Moe's. I used to eat a burrito from there. But after yesterday, my life is forever changed. I now know that Moe's is for eating nachos and Chipotle is for eating burritos. 

    I mentioned this briefly yesterday, but J.K. Rowling has a new project coming out called "Pottermore" and she revealed it much in the same way she used to reveal things when the books were coming out! However, if it turns out to be a video game, I think it'll be lame. My husband will be a happy man of course. But I'm hoping for her encyclopedia or a new book. I mean I know she said that she'd never write again, but she also alluded to Books 8, 9, and 10 in her interview with Oprah earlier this year. And you NEVER know with her!

    I'm digging the weather we've been having lately. It's been in the 70s and low 80s mostly which is perfect for running weather. The nice thing about when it's in the 90s is if you get up and run in the morning, it's not too bad b/c it hasn't reached the super hot temperatures yet.

    I really am digging running. In fact, I've got a question for you runners. I am sore after I run. I stretch and feel better. The Couch to 5k program calls for a day of rest in between each run. But I could probably go again the next day. Should I go again the next day or should I follow the program? I haven't run in a long time and like I said I'm a fat girl. So what are your suggestions?

    Happy Thursday!

    Wednesday, June 15, 2011

    Wednesday is "One Month" Day.

    One Month: the time varies because as we know the ditty goes, "30 days hath September, April, June and November. All the rest have 31 except for February which has 28 or 29 in a leap year."

    In one month, it all ends.

    I wish I could go to the movies with all of you to see it. I'm not going to lie, I'll probably cry and I probably will see it multiple times. Just sayin'

    EDITED TO ADD: Y'ALL J.K. Rowling announced that she's got a new project coming!!!! 

    Happy Wednesday.

    Tuesday, June 14, 2011

    My Rules FOR ME regarding my weight loss.

    Hello kids.

    Fat girl here.

    And I figured that it is time for me to blog again about this whole weight loss thing. The running is hard, but getting better. I thought I should make some rules for myself regarding this change in my life. So here goes.

    1. Sunday is a day of rest, so it will be my day of rest too. I won't run and I'll enjoy a Coke Zero or an extra piece of pie. If I go out for a hot date with the hubs or with friends, then I'll adjust my "Sabbath."
    2. I will drink more water and eat more fruit. I love fruit, I just need to eat more of it. 
    3. I won't completely bar myself from anything, but I won't go overboard either. Moderation is a good thing. 
    4. I will push myself but not to the point of exhaustion. 
    5. I will put all of my worries, fears and anxieties into my running while praying to God and I will have fun.
    What are your rules for a healthy lifestyle?

    Happy Tuesday.

    Monday, June 13, 2011

    RHONJ: The Amazing Grace Re-Mix

    Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,
    That saved a wretch like me.
    I once was lost but now am found,
    Was blind, but now I see.
    -Amazing Grace by John Newton

    Yes, I posted the lyrics for the song. It just goes to so many things that I think about this week's episode. So let's just get right to Melissa.

    All season long we've been told by her "Just wait, you'll see. You'll see," as to why Teresa is the problem and not her. Bad editing has been blamed. And quite frankly, I am beginning to think we have a less crazy Danielle on our hands.

    For starters, Melissa claims that she loves Jesus and thanks him all the time for everything she has. And that's great, but it's really hard for me to believe her sincerity when she doesn't know the quintessential song about faith. People who aren't believers of Christ know the lyrics to that song. I mean it's plain as day that the reason she came onto to the show, at least it's clear for me anyway, is to get a music career and to bash Teresa.

    So why doesn't she own it?

    Oh, that's right, she'd look really bad.

    So for the past few weeks, we've watched her act like she's innocent making claim after claim that she wants peace for her family. But when it is time to act on it, we see the exact opposite.

    Talk is cheap and Melissa can complain all she wants about how this is ALL Teresa's fault, but what I see as a viewer is MUCH different.

    Gia's gymnastic meet is a prime example of that.

    They show up two hours late completely missing the meet of a child. And Melissa's response?

    "Well Teresa's always late to family events."

    Well, if she is that is on Teresa. Teresa is a big girl and you need to worry about Melissa. If Melissa wants change then she needs to be the example and make sure she's on time for a LITTLE GIRL's gymnastic meet.

    Who cares if Teresa is late. This isn't about Teresa. It isn't even about you Melissa. It's about Gia. Remember one of those little kids that you're upset about this all affecting? The unfortunate part in this is that Gia unlike the other kiddos is at the age where she is old enough to understand what is going on between y'all.

    Another great example, after the meet. Melissa who again claims wants nothing but peace does nothing but complain as soon as they get home. It was clear that everyone got along that day. And in fact, I thought that you were the only one who had a sour puss attitude about the day. It was evident on your face that you didn't like the fact that your husband was getting along with his family. In case you haven't figured it out, Joey will always be their brother and son. There is NOTHING that you can change about that. Even if y'all don't speak, they are still related.

    So why can't you make the best out of the situation and keep your mouth shut?

    And then she gets upset about her MIL leaving? Well, everyone in the world knows that Joey's dad isn't in good health. She's your MIL. Show some respect!

    You would not have your husband if it were not for this woman!

    The problem with all this is that I think Melissa can be a good person. She is fabulous with her kids and it is clear that when she's not worried about what Teresa is doing she has a great relationship with her husband. Maybe this singing deal will be what helps Melissa get over Melissa. She has too much time on her hands and with all that time she's constantly over-analyzing every situation.

    Sometimes, things only exist because we want them to exist. Melissa wants a bad relationship between her SIL and her husband to exist. That is more than transparent.

    When Melissa decides that she wants peace, there will be peace. She won't be worried about everything that Teresa says/doesn't say and does/didn't do.


    I am NOT saying that Teresa isn't without blame. She definitely has some owning up to do in the situation.

    But am I saying that Melissa is the majority of the problem? As of now, yes. She still has a full season to change my mind. But for the moment, I think that Melissa is the problem.

    Now, as for the rest of the Housewives...

    Caroline is going through Empty Nest Syndrome and she is writing Mommy Advice columns.


    Jacqueline's husband is a SUCKER. Ashley is a spoiled brat.


    Kathy...ha, well she has contracts with her children. I think this is a terrible idea for teenagers. Contracts are always open for negotiation especially when your children are the ones to draft them. It gives them pull. Kids don't need pull. They need PARENTS.


    Oh Teresa. Yes, Melissa is snide, but it doesn't mean you have to stoop to their level. And claiming that it is all them isn't working for you especially when you openly state in last week's episode that you threw away cookies to get back at Melissa's card congratulating you on your "re-done" home. (Side note: RE-DONE HOME?? Really? How shady can a person get?)

    Instead of throwing out cookies, you should have called Melissa on it. Of course, there is a good possibility that Melissa wouldn't own up to it. But maybe just maybe your brother would have seen the stunts she pulls.

    The thing is, you don't have to help the stupid be stupid. They'll do it on their own. Just sit back and watch it happen. In the mean time Teresa needs to apologize to her brother for his family.

    Does Melissa need an apology face to face? I don't necessarily think so. If Joey has a problem with his family, then Joey deals with it. If Melissa has a problem with Melissa's family, then Melissa deals with it. It just leaves things less messy.

    But would it be nice if she got one? Definitely. Then things don't get lost in translation and more misunderstands don't occur.

    The preview for next week looks very interesting. Teresa is supposed to meet with Joey and Melissa on separate occasions.

    In other RHONJ news, I read on a tabloid site that Dina and Caroline aren't getting along?!?!? SAY IT ISN'T SO!

    What are your thoughts on this week's and last week's episode?

    Happy Monday!

    P.s. I'll mumble later in the week.

    Friday, June 10, 2011

    Favorites on a Friday.

    I'm in a bit of a funk, so I'm trying to think about things that make me happy to pull me out of it.

    1. Duct tape and a paper towel- I didn't get to run this morning.  As my little brother would say, I have a "beast" of a blister on my right heel. I had no band-aids to save my life. But I went to class and found out that I can use duct-tape and a paper towel for a make-shift band-aid should this issue ever arise again. I know this makes me sound like a redneck. I don't care. 
    2. Harry Potter 7.2- One of my pals from school is currently reading through the series and watching the movies as she goes. I am jealous because the movies are available and the next books are available when she finishes a book. This was not an option for me and I totally remember being pissed off when I finished Book 5 because there were so many questions left open for me after I finished this book. So I'm excited for her to read the books because Book 5 is where it gets really interesting and I couldn't read the books fast enough. The movie is almost less than a month away. I am so excited. I may or may not go see the movie multiple times. 
    3. A Good Grade- I made a really good grade on my first memo assignment. A memo, for you non-legal folk, is in short, a paper in my world. I live and die by my grades and while I know this isn't very healthy sometimes, I do it. Grades won't matter five years after I'm done with law school. But it goes to integrity and I want to be able to say that I did my very best. Law school is a very competitive environment and I haven't felt this way since high school. 
    4. A New Planner-I recently found a new planner for the next year and this makes me happy because it means that we've been here almost a year now. ISN'T THAT CUH-RAZY!!?!?!
    5. Skinny Girl Margarita - My husband picked up this drink for me the other day. I love Bethenny and I love tequila and thus margaritas.
    6. A New Back-pack- I found a new back-pack at Wal-Mart. I know that everyone seems to hate Wal-Mart, but I love it. I grew up where it was the only option and so it feels like home to me. Anyway, I found a new back-pack that is bigger and has more pockets. This is amazeballs to me. 
    What are your favorites this Friday??

    Wednesday, June 8, 2011

    Wednesday is "Laura" Day.

    Laura: the real name of the lady who leads me in my podcasts

    I went running again this morning. And I found out that I'm running with a girl named Laura. I immediately thought of Laura Parker-Bowles, daughter of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall aka the other woman in Charles and Di's relationship.

    I don't want to run with Laura.

    Yeah, she's a blonde.

    Yeah, that's her real name. She's probably closer to being to a royal than Pippa is legally.

    BUT, I'd much rather run with a commoner who has a derrier like Pippa does.

    Plus, I have a strict no supporting of the other woman policy. After all, you're talking to the chick who refuses to see ANYTHING Angelina Jolie has been in since Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

    So Pippa it is.

    Happy Wednesday!

    Tuesday, June 7, 2011

    "Summer 2011" Playlist

    This is what my playlist for 2011 looks like so far. More than likely there will be two because I listen to pop, rock and country in the summer time. And so far I've not added a lot of country/rock. So stay tuned.

    1. She's Not There by The Zombies
    2. Rolling in the Deep by ADELE
    3. Bad Romance by Lady Gaga
    4. Tik Tok by Ke$ha
    5. Born This Way by Lady Gaga
    6. Oh, Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison
    7. Born to Be Wild by Steppenwolf
    8. Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars
    9. Firework by Katy Perry
    10. Party in the U.S.A. by Miley Cyrus
    11. Whip My Hair by Willow
    12. Breakin' Dishes by Rihanna
    13. The Big Bang by Rock Mafia
    14. Fight for Your Right (To Party!) by The Beastie Boys
    15. Poker Face by Lady Gaga
    16. She Loves You by The Beatles
    17. Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It) by Beyonce
    Press Shuffle and whip your hair...errr enjoy!

    Happy Tuesday!

    Monday, June 6, 2011

    Monday Mumblings...running with Pippa.

    I mumble on Mondays. It's a thing. You get used to it. Most of the time it's random and today is random, but it's specific to the fact that I got back on the fit train for real today. Basically these are my thoughts while I ran.

    • Oh...this isn't THAT bad. I can do this! And chick prompting me sounds like Pippa Middleton at least that's what I'm gonna imagine her to sound like b/c it keeps my eyes on the prize. 
    • Today I'm glad I live in Michigan b/c I couldn't run outside if I was in Oklahoma. It's sweltering down there. 
    • Time to run again?? I just started my brisk walk again. 
    • Suck it up! You want to wear those cute little Nike shorts that everyone wears without having to walk funny, and without your fat on your inner thighs looking like they're about to bust outta the shorts. (Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about! You've seen those girls.)
    • It is a hot mother out here! 
    • I am now one of those people who are all nature-y and who runs outside. 
    • Dear Jesus, Please let no one from school see me run like this!
    • One-Der Land! One-Der Land!
    • Not normally a techno person, but this music isn't half bad! 
    • Praise Jesus for the shade!!
    • Just keep swimming swimming swimming! 
    • This could be a good blog post. (Don't act like you've never thought this!)
    • One more run you say? Hello Pep in my Step!
    Five minutes later after my cool down walk, I made it home.

    A few things about my running business...mostly answers to your burning questions.

    I'm using the Couch to 5K podcasts. The girl on there really is British and I've named her Pippa. I am one of those runners who hates running until I start running. After I feel great. I love the runner's high and am currently enjoying it as I write this.

    I know I mentioned that I started walking last week, and I did. But I'm also a very big solo workout person. When I run, I am very committed and I like to do things my way, whether I run slow or fast. I don't want to feel pressured to run faster or slower depending on who is with me. So on a rare occasion I'll run with someone else. 

    I am not going to tell you my exact weight, but I will tell you that I'm over 200 pounds and I'm 5'4'' so by definition I am a fat girl.

    I will make lots of fat girl jokes and if that makes you uncomfortable, it shouldn't. I am not okay with my weight, but I am okay with who I am as a person. So I've just gotta tweak this weight thing and I'll be fantabulous. In the process, I'll make some jokes on twitter and here. It won't be anything ridiculous I promise. But please don't think my self-esteem is low.

    No make-up, right after a run, with the attitude face, but it looks like I'm constipated..
    At some point, I will post pictures of my body. If you watch Biggest Loser, I'm in the range that Hannah was when she started, but the size of Irene height wise if you're really dying for an idea of where I'm at currently. But for now, I'll give you this picture.

    Let's see what else, oh yeah, this is way random but when I run I can't stand to have long nails, finger or toe. I don't know what it is about my fingers, but my toes make me feet hurt. I guess it's the same for my hands too b/c my palms hurt.

    I'm really excited about this. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. And now if you'll excuse me, this fat girl's gotta go stretch the muscles she hasn't used in awhile.

    Happy Monday!

    Wednesday, June 1, 2011

    Wednesday is "Work-Out" Day.

    Workout: a run; a jog; a yoga session; pilates; zumba; cycling; a walk etc.

    A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about my summer goals. One of them being to lose weight.

    I was super inspired by the sisters, Hannah and Olivia on this past season's Biggest Loser.

    So my husband and I have been walking every day. He whines most of the time sometimes about going, but so far it's been good. I've been looking at podcasts and apps for running since that what I did when I lost all my weight in college and I looked like this...
    And I've decided that if I lose weight I'll let myself get a cute haircut when I'm down to where I want to be which is two to three sizes smaller than now.

    I really like the cut that Kristen Wigg had in Bridesmaids. Btw, if you haven't seen that movie. GO SEE IT!!

    image found here!

    Happy Wednesday and Happy June y'all!
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