Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday is "One Of The Greats" Day.

Per Urban Dictionary....

One Of The Greats: an individual that possesses a distinguishing feature or has committed a defining act, either of which is deserving of accolades; One cannot anoint themselves OOTG, it is an honour bestowed upon them by peers.

In history, there people who have done the above and become one of the greats. They made a contribution somewhere in politics, science, the arts, sports and music. JFK, Thomas Edison, Picasso, Babe Ruth and The Beatles are each respectively examples of being one of the greats. When you say any of the names, you know exactly who they are and why they're famous.

My sister is one of the greats too, but not for what you may think....

When Jessi started college, she wasn't like me who couldn't wait to get away from our parents. Don't get me wrong, I cried when my dad finally left, but I was over it soon because I was and still am a social butterfly and I was 18 and single.

Long story short, I was your typical freshman.

Jessi on the other hand, cried a lot harder than I did when she came to college. At the time, I thought "kid, I'm here with you. You have no idea what it's really like." (Before you think I'm a hard-ass, I cried hard too that day, but just because everyone else was crying and I was related to all of them.) While we both pick almost the same thing at Old Navy thousands of miles apart, love the same kind of music, have the same political views to an extent, there are some major differences.

To be more specific, Jessi is a homebody, a neat FREAK and makes me look like a normal person when it comes to organization, and she loves to mother people.

Now I'm not saying that these things are bad. I'm just stating facts. It is what it is.

Realistically, it was a good thing that we got to spend the first year and half of her time at OU together. We both needed each other more than what we thought.

So when Jessi wanted to walk the campus the night before like every other freshman, I was there to sit her down and say, "Honey, I'll give you the tour WITHOUT the map so you don't have to pull out the map tomorrow. Otherwise they'll know and people like me will make fun of you."

We unpacked our room, grabbed BK and popped in Grey's Anatomy.

I was her guide. She had a question about where something was. I told her where she could find it.

She even asked me where the library was! Ha!

I showed her not thinking it would become a regular thing...

Yeah well...

Let's just say that I frequented that place way more than I ever did after that. Not that I went religiously like she does, but still. I went.
She wasn't the only one who benefited. Remember that part about her need for mothering? Well I left her plenty of dirty clothes to clean because who ever heard of doing laundry on a regular basis in college?

Apparently Jessi.

I showed her all the cool places to eat and even tried to get her to skip class like a normal person.

I don't think she ever did.

If she needed a paper edited for grammatical errors, I was her go-to girl. I finally cut her off once I went to law school, until this Sunday when I took pity on her and looked at the last one. 

BUT, our very first finals round together, I did get the kid to look at YouTube videos with me. You know because when your brain is fried during finals week, looking at YouTube videos makes everything better.

Well, Jessi quickly made her contribution by finding the best ones. I don't know how she obtained such skill but it was that first break, that I knew she was going to be one of the greats at OU.

Because without her, I wouldn't know about greats like...

I could always count on her to find the best videos during finals time.

This year was no exception 'cept if I was this little girl's momma I'd be after a little boy.

Jessi's great for many other reasons, but this is just one of the fun ones.

Happy Wednesday!


Brittany Ann said...

Your sister and I could be the same person. Other than the social butterfly thing. Because in that way, I was more like you when I went to college. But I will say, I did laundry on a religious schedule every week of college/grad school. Yes, I am that anal. I will mother the heck out of anyone!

Lil' Woman said...

That last video was too cute...he was giving her the googly eyes and smirk and everything....what a little playboy.

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