Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday mumblings....

I mumble on Mondays. It's a thing. You get used to it.
  • I love early morning when the sun comes up. Too bad, I also like sleep. Maybe I should get on a consistent schedule. 
  • I kinda want a small part time job. I'd like to nanny, but don't really know anyone to nanny/never have done it before. I need something that will allow me to study while there.
  • When I'm in the library, if I'm in the main area, I have to have some white noise on b/c the sound of keyboards clicking makes me crazy.
  • My husband seriously is one of my biggest cheerleaders. He makes me happy. 
  • My house looks like we had a party except we didn't. It tends to look this way regularly in the summer time. It makes me crazy and yet I don't mind it at the same time.
  • I am watching Oprah all this week. The celebrities are supposed to be on today and tomorrow. It'd better be good. 
  • I watched Lady GaGa this morning on The View. I forgot how much I love her and her music. She was so eloquent and it was a good opportunity for her to convey that she is really quite a religious person. Not many people know that. 
  • Mickey D's knows how to make a killer UN-sweet tea in Michigan.
  • Went to the Farmer's Market and canoeing last Saturday. It was a good time. I get more like the locals the more I live here. Well minus the whole they need an attitude adjustment on a regular basis thing. ;)
  • I saw peonies all weekend long and that makes me so happy! They are my favorite flower. 
  • I'm going to do another iPhone picture dump post soon.
  • I am now part of the Angry Birds craze. Consider me addicted. 
  • I daydream about my new planner I need. I realize how nerdy and ridiculous this sounds and I don't care. 
  • Have any of you used the shatter nail polish? It is some serious fun. 
Happy Monday!


brown eyed girl said...

Picture, please, of the shatter polish! I have hesitated to put it on because I don't think it'd be acceptable at work. However, if you show a pic and it looks profesh, I may change my mind!

And can you educate me on Lady Gaga? Because I really, really, really can't stand her. I can't get past the image she puts out. It doesn't make sense.

Lil' Woman said...

I'm watching Oprah all week too, it's the end of an era. ;)

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