Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday mumblings...

First, HAPPY MAY!!!

Can you believe that it's already May? This year has flown by and continues to just keep on trucking.

If you're new to the Times, on Monday's, I tend to mumble a little bit. It just takes me a bit to get going that's all. It's a thing and after awhile you get used to it.

  • I was up for the Royal Wedding on Friday along with the other 23 million people in the US. I thought it was magical and I truly hope that their love is one that lasts. It will be a fine example to the world that true love, lots of prayer and hard work can make a lasting marriage. I absolutely thought Kate's dress was elegant and what a tribute to the House of McQueen. I also am a details person and so all the little details that were paid attention to throughout the day made it all the more special. I loved her earrings that she wore and the crown she chose. I also loved her choice of dress for the unprecedented party later at the palace. It was just a great day all around and I am still glued to any tidbit of news. By the way, my source of news for the royal wedding comes from the UK Mail online. It's amazing and not totally lacking in cheekiness.
  • BUT, I will say that her hair was a little lame. I like that she wore it down and I realize that royal protocol may have limited to what she could do, but did it have to stick to her hair the way it did?
  • As we all know that wasn't the only exciting news this weekend. Bin Laden was finally brought down by US military forces. I hope this brings some closure to family members of victims lost on September 11th. Seeing the people at Ground Zero and the White House last night was definitely a sight to see.
  • That being said, Twitter is quite the place to be when something majorly political happens. 
  • Y'all, I get to go to MY hairdresser in a few weeks. You just don't even know how excited I am about this event. 
  • Brandon and I started a new approach to food yesterday. I don't want to say diet, because I want this to be a lasting change. But for now we've cut out pop and are limiting our portions greatly. Now I need to get the Couch to 5K app. I kinda hope I can put it on my iPod since I have way more music options there than my iPhone. 
  • I was on the Oprah boycott train, but I am totally not going to miss out these last few weeks. 
  • Over the break, I read Water for Elephants, American Wife, Commencement, and Black Heels to Tractor Wheels. The only one I truly loved was The Pioneer Woman's book. 
Happy Monday!


Susannah said...

Hooker, why don't you buy the app on your phone and sync your phone with your whole music library on it? That's how I roll with Couch to 5K-or used to! Also, I SOOO want to finish Pioneer Woman's book-but am NOT buying it again-and I loved Water for Elephants! I wanted to abuse/beat August and love on the elly!

Lil' Woman said...

Such a crazy week in history!

Gina said...

I quit soda too. And it's KILLING ME.

And I've already fallen off and gotten back on the wagon.

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