Friday, May 27, 2011

It's official: I married my father.

As I got older, I often heard women who were married for many years that one day you'll wake up and realize you married your father.

Wednesday afternoon at 6:32pm EST, the final nail in the coffin was not SLEDGE hammered into place for me.

My dad is a car man. I've mentioned this before I think. He loves cars. In fact, growing up our family vacations were always centered around attending a classic car show. In fact, I haven't even been living in Michigan last August a full two weeks before my dad called me and said, "Sis you need to go to this really famous car show that happens on a famous street in Detroit. It's just miles and miles of cars!"

When I was younger I didn't really care for these shows, but now they're kinda fun. Unfortunately I'd just movved across country and was seriously broke. I told Dad that next year he should come visit and we'd go to the car show together.

Ah...the magic words. Daddio is always up for a road trip especially when it involves a car show. He responded, "Well I just might have to do that."

And in my world, "might" means it's pretty much a done deal.

So if a man will cross the country just to go stare at cars--Sorry dad, but that's what it is--imagine what kind of care he puts into his cars. It's the obsessive compulsive kind that's what.

In fact, when I was 16 I was on my way to my aunt's house to show my new car to my cousins. My camaro was a stick shift and the road to my aunt's house was gravel. I went around a corner and my car fish-tailed.

My options were to go into a ditch or go over the side of the mountain. (It wasn't really a mountain geographically speaking, we just called it that.)

I went into the ditch and immediately started bawling my eyes out because I didn't want to tell my dad.

I knew he would be upset about what had happened to the car.

I made it up the mountain, walked in the door of my aunt's house and immediately started bawling again.

I told my dad what happened and we went down to get my car.

It was the LONGEST car ride of my life.


I'm not kidding.

to this day, if there ever was a time where it seemed like time stood still, that would be it.

I'm talking about the ultimate lecture on responsibility here folks.

We took it to a family friend's garage shop and I got out of the car and got into my mom's car. While dad put it inside, my mom asked what dad said.

when she found out that he didn't make sure I was okay at any point, she flipped a lid.

The next car ride was one of the most amusing in my life as you can imagine.

Naturally, his response was a little different the next time I went into a ditch. Oh yes, there was another ditch. Only this one was at the movie theater and I was on a date. 

This story was one of the first I told Brandon when we started getting serious after I popped a tire on a man hole.

What can I say?? I am accident prone. At the time my boyfriend in the long-run husband asked why my dad didn't make sure I was okay. He didn't mean anything by it;he just couldn't understand what the deal was. 

My husband didn't understand because his passion wasn't cars.

He love all things: Xbox, guns, fishing, hunting, and computers.

I soon learned this before we were married as I was taught how to properly pack his computer, XBox and other toys.

yes, I said taught.

Because you know, apparently I'm incompetent in the department of packing up said items.

I mean I only graduated in the top three percent of my high school class, have a BA and am currently in law school.

So imagine my surprise when anal child left a controller in the floor and I almost died on my way to bed.

I didn't say anything, but simply hobbled to bed because I was more than exhausted.

The next evening I told Brandon what happened. 

And do you know what the little turd asked me???

"Well...Did you break the remote?"

I turned around in disbelief.

He quickly said, "Er...I mean you okay babe?"

Too late butthead.

Happy Friday y'all.


Lil' Woman said...

That how Big Man is about all those gadgets and controllers too....ugh.

Brittany said...

Josh would say the same thing if it had to do with his video games! A friend of mine always goes to that car show. She says it's the best! Hope you get to go!!

Susannah said...

Ahhh! That's hilarious! B better watch it!

Brittany Ann said...

OH man! That's P to a tee. It's always about the car/computer/etc. The man just assumes that, unless I'm dead, I'm fine!

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