Tuesday, May 24, 2011

In This Corner: "Super T"

*******RHONJ SPOILER ALERT************

Tonight's blog could alternatively be titled "In the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time" since Melissa and Kathy are seriously lacking in timing and tact. But I'm getting ahead of myself. 

As always, I am going to tell y'all that you should read the blogs written by the cast members! Seriously, they only add to the show. 

  • Seriously, every time I look at Caroline's hair it makes me want to cut mine again. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that haircut. 
  • I also appreciate that she shut down the potential drama at the Brownstone. She was not havin' it. 
  • Her support of Teresa and recognizing that Teresa wasn't herself at the fashion show is a sign of a true friend. She wants everyone to be well. I love that about her.
  • One of my favorite parts of the show is when she talked about her belly button. I die! 
  • Jacqueline is a people watcher and she definitely sees that Teresa is way more drama than Teresa ever would want to admit. She like Caroline has everyone's interests at heart and only wants the best.

  • Oh Kathy...I liked you last week. I thought, "How sweet. She is a good mom and wife and I liked that some of the first scenes we saw of her were on her bicycle to the market." My how quickly the tides have turned....
  • Kath is a snake in the grass. Period. Except like typical snakes in the grass, she lacks a good poker face my friends. She wanted to play innocent when she first approached Teresa, but you can't play innocent or claim it came from your heart when you haven't been on good terms with the opposition for some time. 
  • AND how dare she do this at the Brownstone? I mean, doesn't she know that's going to earn major loser points with Big Momma C? I can't wait to see the showdown with her and Caroline next week. 
  • Still after all of this, I hope to learn more about her family and hopes she minds her own business and helps Teresa and her family work towards solution.
  • Oh yeah...WTH was she for Halloween?
  • Despite the fact that she is way over the top and hangs out with the most desperate woman to want to get on television aka "Kim G", GF has got one smokin' body. I mean really if you can pull off the cat suit like she did, then she should get some kind of trophy. And this chick has THREE kids and looks that way!! She is S to the MOKIN'. Fuh-real!
  • Now having said all of that, I get that what happened at her son's christening was awful. Some day, that little boy will grow up and will have a very hard conversation with his parents about his Aunt T. BUT, did she honestly expect Teresa to have a conversation with her about what happened at a public place? I think she did, but then when she is in her interview she claims that Teresa acted exactly how she thought she would. But what bothered her is that Teresa didn't act the way she and her sisters acted at the fashion show: tacky. She wanted Teresa to be awful. 
  • She claims in her blog that we all will have to wait to see how it plays out. So far, I still am not impressed. Her husband and her are immature and need to grow up. 
  • Her sisters are tacky. Did I mention that? Oh yeah? Well, it's worth mentioning twice.
  • I really want to know what happened that led to the explosion from Teresa saying Congratulations to her brother. I'm not naive enough to think that it wasn't just because she said Congratulations. But no one wants to enlighten us on that little fact. The difference between Teresa and Melissa and also one of the reasons I agree with Teresa most is that I believe her when she says she wants her family to get back together. 
  • BUT...girlfriend needs to own up to her actions. She claims that she's not confrontational. Um, one flipped table, a fight at a christening and knocking down Andy Cohen say otherwise. I'm just sayin.
  • Also, when she said something about being the matriarch in her family she sounded like Danielle. Ew. 
  • I hope she gets the resolution she wants with her brother. I'm just not interested in her switch flipping twenty times between now and then. 
  • However, in the middle of all this she really does have bigger fish to fry. this was the time that she and her husband were filing papers for bankruptcy and I can only imagined this added to her already full plate. Maybe, that's another reason I'm on her side. I'm not saying that what happened at the christening wasn't devastating for the Gorgas, but maybe if they'd pulled their head out and got over themselves this may have never happened. 
At the end of the day all of these women have choices. Some choose wisely and others don't.

For now, this chick is still Team Giudice.

Happy Tuesday!


Kara said...

I mostly agree with all you said. I love Caroline. I'd like to be her kid. Although, really should she be so shocked her kids are moving out? I mean it's time already!

Teresa is a bit of a drama-mama. I think that the "unspoken" has something to do with the fact that she didn't acknowledge when the baby was born (also what lead up to the big confrontation during the reunion show last year when Danielle mentioned it).

Melissa and her hubby do need to grow up. Agreed on her smokin' body though. Do not like her sisters... shit stirrers.

Kathy- Have no idea what her costume was. Don't think I like her.

Jacqueline- I still kind of like her, but I think she is dumb. Her dumbness kind of bugs me.

Kara said...

Oh! I know what I forgot!

Teresa said she got cross-ways with Kathy because Kathy commented on how much money she was spending. Ummm, hello! In light of the bankruptcy and everything, maybe you should have listened!

Lil' Woman said...

I live Caroline, she is my absolute favorite...and I think Kathy was supposed to be an Avatar for Halloween

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