Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Ball's in Joey's Court...

**************RHONJ SPOILER ALERT*****************

  • I like seeing the Manzo family and wish we saw more of them. They're hilarious to watch. 
  • As much as I understand that Caroline doesn't want to get involved in Teresa's family drama, I kinda think she could have told Kathy her feelings a little better than she did. 
  • That being said, it is obvious that Teresa does not want Caroline's advice. Fine, but Teresa could be a little more gracious when accepting it. After all, her family is in shambles and she's 11 million in debt. It's clear that her way of doing things isn't working out for her. So maybe advice from someone older, wiser and more MATURE might be a good option for her to consider. Too bad she's too stubborn to realize that.
  • I love that Caroline has taken Ashley in as her own blood and expects from her what she expects of her own kids: respect, hard work and a good attitude. ALL of which Ashley is sorely lacking. I follow Ashley on twitter and it doesn't seem like she's figured out that this is what it takes in life to be good at what you do and happy with living the life she was given. 
  • I totally agree that no one listens when Jacqueline speaks and she does have a lot of good ideas. She just doesn't want to offend anyone it seems. But at some point, people not listening to her will eventually start to build up and bother her I feel like. At least, that's how it works for me sometimes. 
  • Unfortunately I don't have much positive to say about Jacqueline this week. Her daughter, quite frankly is a spoiled kid and I don't mean that in the cute way either. 
  • Also, I'm not a fan of the fact that she goes and gets her tarot reading. I get that to each his own, but I just don't personally believe in that crap.
  • I think that she comes from a good place deep deep deep deep down somewhere. It's evident when she's with her own nuclear family. BUT, I feel like she's nothing but a good old fashioned shit-stirrer with Teresa/Melissa's family problems. Hope she gets over herself. But I doubt it. 
  • I loved when her husband surprised her with the new car. It was very sweet and you can tell they love each other very much. It's just a bit cheesy at times.
  • Oy. Girl has a horntoad for a husband. That's all I care to say about that. 
  • I'm glad that she seemed like she wanted her husband and sister in law to make up. Time will tell.
  • I thought that her letter was to the point, direct, but still took some responsibility for the day. The ball is in Joey's court now. But she has to be willing to let go of things just like she claims he does. 
  • I will say that I didn't really care to see the process of her cookbook coming along on the show. I'm not a fan when housewives peddle their product on the show. Do it on your own time. BUT, I am glad that the creation of the cookbook means she is doing her part to help her family recover from hard times. Hope it works out for them. 
Well...what are your thoughts on RHONJ??

Happy end of May!


Susannah said...

Ditto on all that! For realz!

Lil' Woman said...

I second everything...I love Caroline, and wish they showed her family more...they're adorable.

stribble29 said...

I think Teresa is crazy! She is all about herself and she doesn't see that her actions affect others. I thought it was funny how she went all shanequa on Kathy when she mentioned the thing about her daughter being left alone. She needs to chill! Can you tell I hate Teresa????

Kara said...

Love Caroline & Fam.

Still think Jacqueline is stupid.

I kind of also think Teresa is stupid.

Maybe I was just in a bad mood on Monday and thought everyone was stupid??

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