Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Ball's in Joey's Court...

**************RHONJ SPOILER ALERT*****************

  • I like seeing the Manzo family and wish we saw more of them. They're hilarious to watch. 
  • As much as I understand that Caroline doesn't want to get involved in Teresa's family drama, I kinda think she could have told Kathy her feelings a little better than she did. 
  • That being said, it is obvious that Teresa does not want Caroline's advice. Fine, but Teresa could be a little more gracious when accepting it. After all, her family is in shambles and she's 11 million in debt. It's clear that her way of doing things isn't working out for her. So maybe advice from someone older, wiser and more MATURE might be a good option for her to consider. Too bad she's too stubborn to realize that.
  • I love that Caroline has taken Ashley in as her own blood and expects from her what she expects of her own kids: respect, hard work and a good attitude. ALL of which Ashley is sorely lacking. I follow Ashley on twitter and it doesn't seem like she's figured out that this is what it takes in life to be good at what you do and happy with living the life she was given. 
  • I totally agree that no one listens when Jacqueline speaks and she does have a lot of good ideas. She just doesn't want to offend anyone it seems. But at some point, people not listening to her will eventually start to build up and bother her I feel like. At least, that's how it works for me sometimes. 
  • Unfortunately I don't have much positive to say about Jacqueline this week. Her daughter, quite frankly is a spoiled kid and I don't mean that in the cute way either. 
  • Also, I'm not a fan of the fact that she goes and gets her tarot reading. I get that to each his own, but I just don't personally believe in that crap.
  • I think that she comes from a good place deep deep deep deep down somewhere. It's evident when she's with her own nuclear family. BUT, I feel like she's nothing but a good old fashioned shit-stirrer with Teresa/Melissa's family problems. Hope she gets over herself. But I doubt it. 
  • I loved when her husband surprised her with the new car. It was very sweet and you can tell they love each other very much. It's just a bit cheesy at times.
  • Oy. Girl has a horntoad for a husband. That's all I care to say about that. 
  • I'm glad that she seemed like she wanted her husband and sister in law to make up. Time will tell.
  • I thought that her letter was to the point, direct, but still took some responsibility for the day. The ball is in Joey's court now. But she has to be willing to let go of things just like she claims he does. 
  • I will say that I didn't really care to see the process of her cookbook coming along on the show. I'm not a fan when housewives peddle their product on the show. Do it on your own time. BUT, I am glad that the creation of the cookbook means she is doing her part to help her family recover from hard times. Hope it works out for them. 
Well...what are your thoughts on RHONJ??

Happy end of May!

Friday, May 27, 2011

It's official: I married my father.

As I got older, I often heard women who were married for many years that one day you'll wake up and realize you married your father.

Wednesday afternoon at 6:32pm EST, the final nail in the coffin was not SLEDGE hammered into place for me.

My dad is a car man. I've mentioned this before I think. He loves cars. In fact, growing up our family vacations were always centered around attending a classic car show. In fact, I haven't even been living in Michigan last August a full two weeks before my dad called me and said, "Sis you need to go to this really famous car show that happens on a famous street in Detroit. It's just miles and miles of cars!"

When I was younger I didn't really care for these shows, but now they're kinda fun. Unfortunately I'd just movved across country and was seriously broke. I told Dad that next year he should come visit and we'd go to the car show together.

Ah...the magic words. Daddio is always up for a road trip especially when it involves a car show. He responded, "Well I just might have to do that."

And in my world, "might" means it's pretty much a done deal.

So if a man will cross the country just to go stare at cars--Sorry dad, but that's what it is--imagine what kind of care he puts into his cars. It's the obsessive compulsive kind that's what.

In fact, when I was 16 I was on my way to my aunt's house to show my new car to my cousins. My camaro was a stick shift and the road to my aunt's house was gravel. I went around a corner and my car fish-tailed.

My options were to go into a ditch or go over the side of the mountain. (It wasn't really a mountain geographically speaking, we just called it that.)

I went into the ditch and immediately started bawling my eyes out because I didn't want to tell my dad.

I knew he would be upset about what had happened to the car.

I made it up the mountain, walked in the door of my aunt's house and immediately started bawling again.

I told my dad what happened and we went down to get my car.

It was the LONGEST car ride of my life.


I'm not kidding.

to this day, if there ever was a time where it seemed like time stood still, that would be it.

I'm talking about the ultimate lecture on responsibility here folks.

We took it to a family friend's garage shop and I got out of the car and got into my mom's car. While dad put it inside, my mom asked what dad said.

when she found out that he didn't make sure I was okay at any point, she flipped a lid.

The next car ride was one of the most amusing in my life as you can imagine.

Naturally, his response was a little different the next time I went into a ditch. Oh yes, there was another ditch. Only this one was at the movie theater and I was on a date. 

This story was one of the first I told Brandon when we started getting serious after I popped a tire on a man hole.

What can I say?? I am accident prone. At the time my boyfriend in the long-run husband asked why my dad didn't make sure I was okay. He didn't mean anything by it;he just couldn't understand what the deal was. 

My husband didn't understand because his passion wasn't cars.

He love all things: Xbox, guns, fishing, hunting, and computers.

I soon learned this before we were married as I was taught how to properly pack his computer, XBox and other toys.

yes, I said taught.

Because you know, apparently I'm incompetent in the department of packing up said items.

I mean I only graduated in the top three percent of my high school class, have a BA and am currently in law school.

So imagine my surprise when anal child left a controller in the floor and I almost died on my way to bed.

I didn't say anything, but simply hobbled to bed because I was more than exhausted.

The next evening I told Brandon what happened. 

And do you know what the little turd asked me???

"Well...Did you break the remote?"

I turned around in disbelief.

He quickly said, "Er...I mean you okay babe?"

Too late butthead.

Happy Friday y'all.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Year Ago...

"...I don't wanna dream. I just want to live it!" -The Big Big Bang by Rock Mafia

We visited our future home for the first time a year ago today. It is so crazy to think how different and how much the same our lives are.

We survived our first Michigan winter. I spent most of mine in the library (or closet) with my view typically looking something like this.

Miss Personality

 We have learned to rely on each other in ways that we didn't prior to coming here. This part has been fun, irritating, exhilarating, frustrating, sweet, and new.

We fell in love all over again.

We missed our families like crazy especially during the holiday season.

We saw the final return of Spring, the first grill of the season and cool cars.

We're most definitely looking forward to what summer holds. It'll be the first time ever that I've not spent the 4th of July with my family and I'm looking forward to the day with friends enjoying the grill and fireworks. It's the only time of the year that we've not experienced what Michigan is like and also our favorite time of the year.

But the biggest lesson we've learned this year is that we always have to be seeking God's will. When you make plans, it is never going to go according to our plan. In fact it's a definite invitation for God to say, "Just watch and see."  Seems simple enough to learn, but I promise it's a lesson that we find ourselves learning every day.

I still want to pinch myself when I realize that I'm in the middle of living my dream. It's so crazy to see how this chapter of our lives constantly unfolds.

Bottom line, while the Michigan drivers may make us crazy, people talk funny and sometimes lack serious manners, I'm glad to be here.

Happy Thursday.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday is "iPhone Picture Dump" Day.

iPhone Picture Dump: an easy way to do a blog post filled with pictures; technology definitely has some advantages sometimes.

Taking pictures with my husband is a process...

He doesn't like the way he smiles so he'd rather be a goofball...

You have to make him laugh.

Me and the youngest sis...we look alike.

Everyone's a comedian apparently as they just cackled all night long about this picture of me.

Me the sis who recently graduated from OU...we kinda look alike.

Founding members of PLBD sans Emily.

Me and the graduate!!
A painting I did for Britt's nursery.
Tulips in my current town...

Peonies are my favorite!!

This picture is currently my background screen.

Who knew 81 was a heat wave? Not this Oklahoma native.
Shatter Polish #1

Shatter Polish #2

Dog who doesn't understand the meaning of personal space

Organizing a new planner makes my heart happy.
 That's all! What's going on in your phone's picture world?

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

In This Corner: "Super T"

*******RHONJ SPOILER ALERT************

Tonight's blog could alternatively be titled "In the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time" since Melissa and Kathy are seriously lacking in timing and tact. But I'm getting ahead of myself. 

As always, I am going to tell y'all that you should read the blogs written by the cast members! Seriously, they only add to the show. 

  • Seriously, every time I look at Caroline's hair it makes me want to cut mine again. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that haircut. 
  • I also appreciate that she shut down the potential drama at the Brownstone. She was not havin' it. 
  • Her support of Teresa and recognizing that Teresa wasn't herself at the fashion show is a sign of a true friend. She wants everyone to be well. I love that about her.
  • One of my favorite parts of the show is when she talked about her belly button. I die! 
  • Jacqueline is a people watcher and she definitely sees that Teresa is way more drama than Teresa ever would want to admit. She like Caroline has everyone's interests at heart and only wants the best.

  • Oh Kathy...I liked you last week. I thought, "How sweet. She is a good mom and wife and I liked that some of the first scenes we saw of her were on her bicycle to the market." My how quickly the tides have turned....
  • Kath is a snake in the grass. Period. Except like typical snakes in the grass, she lacks a good poker face my friends. She wanted to play innocent when she first approached Teresa, but you can't play innocent or claim it came from your heart when you haven't been on good terms with the opposition for some time. 
  • AND how dare she do this at the Brownstone? I mean, doesn't she know that's going to earn major loser points with Big Momma C? I can't wait to see the showdown with her and Caroline next week. 
  • Still after all of this, I hope to learn more about her family and hopes she minds her own business and helps Teresa and her family work towards solution.
  • Oh yeah...WTH was she for Halloween?
  • Despite the fact that she is way over the top and hangs out with the most desperate woman to want to get on television aka "Kim G", GF has got one smokin' body. I mean really if you can pull off the cat suit like she did, then she should get some kind of trophy. And this chick has THREE kids and looks that way!! She is S to the MOKIN'. Fuh-real!
  • Now having said all of that, I get that what happened at her son's christening was awful. Some day, that little boy will grow up and will have a very hard conversation with his parents about his Aunt T. BUT, did she honestly expect Teresa to have a conversation with her about what happened at a public place? I think she did, but then when she is in her interview she claims that Teresa acted exactly how she thought she would. But what bothered her is that Teresa didn't act the way she and her sisters acted at the fashion show: tacky. She wanted Teresa to be awful. 
  • She claims in her blog that we all will have to wait to see how it plays out. So far, I still am not impressed. Her husband and her are immature and need to grow up. 
  • Her sisters are tacky. Did I mention that? Oh yeah? Well, it's worth mentioning twice.
  • I really want to know what happened that led to the explosion from Teresa saying Congratulations to her brother. I'm not naive enough to think that it wasn't just because she said Congratulations. But no one wants to enlighten us on that little fact. The difference between Teresa and Melissa and also one of the reasons I agree with Teresa most is that I believe her when she says she wants her family to get back together. 
  • BUT...girlfriend needs to own up to her actions. She claims that she's not confrontational. Um, one flipped table, a fight at a christening and knocking down Andy Cohen say otherwise. I'm just sayin.
  • Also, when she said something about being the matriarch in her family she sounded like Danielle. Ew. 
  • I hope she gets the resolution she wants with her brother. I'm just not interested in her switch flipping twenty times between now and then. 
  • However, in the middle of all this she really does have bigger fish to fry. this was the time that she and her husband were filing papers for bankruptcy and I can only imagined this added to her already full plate. Maybe, that's another reason I'm on her side. I'm not saying that what happened at the christening wasn't devastating for the Gorgas, but maybe if they'd pulled their head out and got over themselves this may have never happened. 
At the end of the day all of these women have choices. Some choose wisely and others don't.

For now, this chick is still Team Giudice.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday mumblings....

I mumble on Mondays. It's a thing. You get used to it.
  • I love early morning when the sun comes up. Too bad, I also like sleep. Maybe I should get on a consistent schedule. 
  • I kinda want a small part time job. I'd like to nanny, but don't really know anyone to nanny/never have done it before. I need something that will allow me to study while there.
  • When I'm in the library, if I'm in the main area, I have to have some white noise on b/c the sound of keyboards clicking makes me crazy.
  • My husband seriously is one of my biggest cheerleaders. He makes me happy. 
  • My house looks like we had a party except we didn't. It tends to look this way regularly in the summer time. It makes me crazy and yet I don't mind it at the same time.
  • I am watching Oprah all this week. The celebrities are supposed to be on today and tomorrow. It'd better be good. 
  • I watched Lady GaGa this morning on The View. I forgot how much I love her and her music. She was so eloquent and it was a good opportunity for her to convey that she is really quite a religious person. Not many people know that. 
  • Mickey D's knows how to make a killer UN-sweet tea in Michigan.
  • Went to the Farmer's Market and canoeing last Saturday. It was a good time. I get more like the locals the more I live here. Well minus the whole they need an attitude adjustment on a regular basis thing. ;)
  • I saw peonies all weekend long and that makes me so happy! They are my favorite flower. 
  • I'm going to do another iPhone picture dump post soon.
  • I am now part of the Angry Birds craze. Consider me addicted. 
  • I daydream about my new planner I need. I realize how nerdy and ridiculous this sounds and I don't care. 
  • Have any of you used the shatter nail polish? It is some serious fun. 
Happy Monday!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Even Jack's a fan...

image found in the Recruit Ellen for OKC Thunder group on Facebook

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday is "Summer Goals" Day.

Summer goals: plans of fun things I'd like to do this summer.

1. Lose weight. Like two sizes at least.
2. Eat off the grill as much as possible.
3. Enjoy our fresh foods market.
4. Go see all the great movies coming out. Harry Potter anyone?
5. Walk 5 times a week.
6. Get back to regular blogging.
7. Do a bible study.
8. Paint more often.
9. Hopefully get our family to visit.
10. Try to find a new puppy.

What are some of your summer goals?

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Team Giudice-1 Team Gorga-0


"Yeah She lives in L.A. she flies to New York City
That woman’s been around the world
You can take the girl out of the honky tonk
But you can’t take the honky tonk, take the honky tonk
Out of the girl."
-Brooks and Dunn

In case you're new to the blog, I happen to take sides on certain situations. I'm famous for being Team Kate (Gosselin), Team Anniston and Team Anti-Palin all of which are situations where the sides of the aisle are very polarizing. Picking sides are natural in life even in such a touchy family situation like this. I have to admit that when I anticipated writing this post I figured I'd be writing about how we all finally are seeing Teresa's true colors. When we left off last season I was left with a sour taste in my mouth regarding Teresa.

All I can say is what an interesting and surprising turn of events....

I think Caroline said it best when she said that all families fight. It's true. They do. And we all know that there is more to the story than we're seeing, BUT from what I saw, this is what I think.

  • Just because the Gorgas have money doesn't mean they have class. From the moment they opened their mouths it was a non-stop Giudice bash fest. 
  • Bottom line this fight is about sibling rivalry. Teresa and her little brother Joey (btw, for the purposes of my blog I'm gonna call Joe Giudice, Joe and Joe Gorga, Joey because well he acts like a little kid I think) to me look like they the classic sister/brother relationship that is complicated by new spouses and parents. 
  • It also was the wrong time and wrong place for it to happen. The christening, Joey was drunk, and Melissa's chip on her shoulder were all things that didn't need to be there or going on when this major family dispute occurred. It was more than unnecessary for Melissa to ask why Teresa was saying it a second time. No matter what her motives were in doing so, it was their son's day and they lost sight of it. They were the hosts and they were the ones who were in control of the entire situation. We all have choices to make and they made some very poor ones.
  • The unfortunate thing about all of this is that the kids saw this happen. The one I feel sorry for the most is Gia. She will remember this forever and forever is when the little kids are forced to turn into grown-ups too soon sometimes. I truly hope that they work through their problems so that Gia doesn't have to grow up sooner rather than later because of things she's seen. 
  • As for Joe, I will say the only time I saw him engage is when he was defending Teresa and when he thought something was wrong with his father in law. He totally kept his cool which was surprising.
  • As of now, this chic is siding with the Giudices. I follow everyone on twitter from the show and read all of their blogs. The Gorgas keep claiming that we need to just wait to see how it all plays out. But I seriously, doubt I'll be changing my mind especially when they feel the constant need to bash on their own blood. I was ready to come off the couch when Melissa talked about how they pay their bills. Whatever, Teresa and Joe did or didn't do regarding their financial responsibilities are just that...theirs. It is their responsibility and also their embarrassment so I would think that they could at least count on their family to not be part of airing dirty laundry that isn't theirs to air. I'm just sayin!
  • By the way, if you don't read the blogs or watch the videos that Bravo posts you're totally missing out. I converted two buddies of mine just today. It's a major filler for things you may not understand at times.
  • Regarding Kathy, I think she's a bit of an instigator, but I think her family is cute. I loved that she rode her bike to the market, but thought it a bit tacky that all her plants and flowers in the yard looked like they were freshly planted there before the show aired. Some even looked like they were still in the plastic pots just strategically placed so it wouldn't look like they were potted flowers.
  • As for the Lauritas, all you need to know is that Ashley is still an immature brat.
  • The Manzos...oh my favorite family. I loved that they talked about Southern comfort foods and especially loved it when Chris mentioned that Southern people are better at everything. But I disagree with Caroline regarding the Northeast having bullshit on lock. Just because we Southerners aren't as direct as y'all, doesn't mean we don't know how to bullshit. After all the good ole' boy system and bless your heart are phrases that are alive and well in the South. 
  • And as for for Lauren stating that you can't bullshit a bullshitter, I have this to say. Honey, I know. I have a BA in Bullshit and in case y'all are new to the blog, I'm currently getting my JD in it too.
All in all, I'm looking forward to this season. I'm so glad that Danielle is no longer on the show.

Okay people sound off! What did YOU think? Are you Team Giudice or Team Gorga/Wakile? Is the jury still out for you?

Happy Tuesday!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday is "One Of The Greats" Day.

Per Urban Dictionary....

One Of The Greats: an individual that possesses a distinguishing feature or has committed a defining act, either of which is deserving of accolades; One cannot anoint themselves OOTG, it is an honour bestowed upon them by peers.

In history, there people who have done the above and become one of the greats. They made a contribution somewhere in politics, science, the arts, sports and music. JFK, Thomas Edison, Picasso, Babe Ruth and The Beatles are each respectively examples of being one of the greats. When you say any of the names, you know exactly who they are and why they're famous.

My sister is one of the greats too, but not for what you may think....

When Jessi started college, she wasn't like me who couldn't wait to get away from our parents. Don't get me wrong, I cried when my dad finally left, but I was over it soon because I was and still am a social butterfly and I was 18 and single.

Long story short, I was your typical freshman.

Jessi on the other hand, cried a lot harder than I did when she came to college. At the time, I thought "kid, I'm here with you. You have no idea what it's really like." (Before you think I'm a hard-ass, I cried hard too that day, but just because everyone else was crying and I was related to all of them.) While we both pick almost the same thing at Old Navy thousands of miles apart, love the same kind of music, have the same political views to an extent, there are some major differences.

To be more specific, Jessi is a homebody, a neat FREAK and makes me look like a normal person when it comes to organization, and she loves to mother people.

Now I'm not saying that these things are bad. I'm just stating facts. It is what it is.

Realistically, it was a good thing that we got to spend the first year and half of her time at OU together. We both needed each other more than what we thought.

So when Jessi wanted to walk the campus the night before like every other freshman, I was there to sit her down and say, "Honey, I'll give you the tour WITHOUT the map so you don't have to pull out the map tomorrow. Otherwise they'll know and people like me will make fun of you."

We unpacked our room, grabbed BK and popped in Grey's Anatomy.

I was her guide. She had a question about where something was. I told her where she could find it.

She even asked me where the library was! Ha!

I showed her not thinking it would become a regular thing...

Yeah well...

Let's just say that I frequented that place way more than I ever did after that. Not that I went religiously like she does, but still. I went.
She wasn't the only one who benefited. Remember that part about her need for mothering? Well I left her plenty of dirty clothes to clean because who ever heard of doing laundry on a regular basis in college?

Apparently Jessi.

I showed her all the cool places to eat and even tried to get her to skip class like a normal person.

I don't think she ever did.

If she needed a paper edited for grammatical errors, I was her go-to girl. I finally cut her off once I went to law school, until this Sunday when I took pity on her and looked at the last one. 

BUT, our very first finals round together, I did get the kid to look at YouTube videos with me. You know because when your brain is fried during finals week, looking at YouTube videos makes everything better.

Well, Jessi quickly made her contribution by finding the best ones. I don't know how she obtained such skill but it was that first break, that I knew she was going to be one of the greats at OU.

Because without her, I wouldn't know about greats like...

I could always count on her to find the best videos during finals time.

This year was no exception 'cept if I was this little girl's momma I'd be after a little boy.

Jessi's great for many other reasons, but this is just one of the fun ones.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My doggy is high maintenance...

A friend of ours is watching Paisley this weekend for us. I sent her an email emails about her needs.

Ha...let's just say that Paisley is a bit of a spoiled brat.

The first email went like this...

Dear Biffle,

As far as Paisley is concerned....

Food: I'll bring her food and bowls for you. Since she'll be staying with you, she gets two cups of food a day. This can be done at two separate time or at once, but you have to let her eat just one cup at a time otherwise she'll choke herself. She's a little pig with a bad upper torso. She gets one-three full water bowls a day.

On going outside: Her royal highness usually is very particular and yet very random about where she poops. She likes tall grass here recently, but that may change depending on her mood. She's always on a leash. She usually goes to the door when she needs to go and sits. We use the words, "potty", "bathroom" and "outside" and she usually shifts her body in excitement. She needs to go usually about 30 minutes to an hour after she eats or drinks. She always goes first thing in the morning and we take her out at night before bed just for good measure.

Bedtime: She sleeps with us. But if she pisses us off or we haven't been able to sleep well, she sleeps in her kennel. So if you want her to sleep with you, or in the kennel, either is fine.

Her tricks are: sit, shake, lay down and high-five.

I can't think of any quirks off the top of my head right now, other than she'll probably lick Buddy's wing-wanger. Oh wait, I remember...she eats toilet paper and dirty panties. She also will clean unattended plates and chip bags. She has to sniff everyone, but once she's done she has no problem with you.

Discipline: we swat her on the nose. She tries to turn her head when we do this, so you usually have to grab her by the collar. Also a clear indicator that she's done something she shouldn't is her ears lay down.

I think that's about it.



On the way home, the quirks started rolling into my head. So, I did what any neurotic parent of a single doggy does good doggy momma does, I wrote another email...

Okay the quirks are coming to me now. She can't have grapes or chocolate. Usually when she wants to snuggle with you and you're using a blanket she likes to be under the blanket.
She loves popcorn.
She doesn't get scared in storms but hates to go potty/poop in the rain. Usually though you can count on her getting her business done quickly.
She likes to drink out of the tub.

Okay...I think that's all. Clearly you can tell Paisley is a spoiled little doggy.

Then I remembered one last thing.

Okay I lied. Because of the type of doggy she is, we usually don't try to get her overheated bc her body has a much harder time cooling down than the average dog does.

And then like lightning it hit me, I needed one last thing to happen. But before I could encourage my neurotic self in this OCD endeavor I got a return email.

Hahahah!! You are a nervous doggy mama like me! Thanks for typing it all out...you know we have mush for brains! This way I can't forget! I'm glad she is staying with us or I would have super anxiety every time I opened the door. Our dogs have been angels lately but I still get nervous leaving them alone.

I'll send you photo updates, of course. And I'm sure Buddy won't have a problem getting help cleaning his wing-wanger!

Whew! I'm gonna get my fill of Pais this weekend after all.

What about y'all? Do you spoil your doggies like I do?

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday mumblings....

I mumble on Mondays. It's a thing. You get used to it.
  • Went out Friday night with classmates. It was a good time. I found decent Mexican. For the Oklahomans, think Ted's. It was my first time at a karaoke bar. I did not sing. But I did rekindle my love for Party in the U.S.A. and Bad Romance.
  • The 80s and the 90s have the best teen angst movies, case in point anything directed by John Hughes aka Sixteen Candles and lines like "I'm not Josie Grosie anymore!" are lines and movies everyone knows.
  • It is getting green here again. I LOVE this time of the year until the end of the year. 
  • I also watched the last of the Red Wings great win on Saturday night. I also am obsessed with Meijer. Dare I say that Michigan is starting to grow on me? Maybe. I think it's just the green grass and gorgeous temps outside that are putting me in a generally jovial mood.The jury is still out on this one.
  • We also found another Mexican restaurant yesterday. It only took 9 months, but thank God we did it. White queso included. 
  • I just looked up to see that the Red Wings won last night too after I texted two of my classmates. Can you say LAZY?? I figure I better take something sports related from this state and LORD knows it ain't gonna be football/baseball related!
  • I like to smoke the occasional cigar.
  • I also like the way Sarah Jessica Parker holds herself. When I watch her in an episode of Sex and the City, I always catch myself staring at her hands and everything. 
  • I need a new lock screen photo. 
  • It's supposed to be in the 90s this weekend in Norman. Perfect. 
Happy Monday!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday is "Surprise" Day.

Surprise: to strike or occur to with a sudden feeling of wonder or astonishment, as through unexpectedness

Part of the reason why we didn't talk about going to Oklahoma was because my brother and sister didn't know we were coming! It was so much fun to see the look on their faces because they really had no idea.

It was almost like they saw a ghost! We saw them separately, but both kept saying over and over, "Oh my GOSH! Oh my GOSH! Oh my GOSH!"

It was one of the funnest things I've ever done in my entire life...

I got my own surprise today.

I was called on in class.

When a person is called on in class, they sometimes are required to stand. It is part of the Socratic method which is not as common as it once was in law school. Part of the theory is that the truth can come forth best when one is in the most upright position a person can be, which is to stand.

This can be really intimidating.

Most of the time, I don't have a problem with it. I'm kinda a ham. I love people, always have, always will. My momma used to say that I never met a stranger when I was little. A benefit to this part of my personality is that I don't normally struggle with speaking in front of people. (Singing in front of people is another story.)

BUT, speaking in front of people at school is WAY different. In law school, from the moment you walk in the door, they tell you, these are your colleagues. They rarely mention the words, "fellow classmates." It's just a different atmosphere. So when you talk in front of them, I personally want to make sure I don't look like a moron.

I want to make sure that when they speak of me, it's with great respect and admiration not just for how I conduct myself personally, but also professionally.

There is immense pressure whether self-inflicted or not as you can imagine.

But sometimes, just sometimes, I doubt myself on whether I'm where I'm supposed to be in life, even though God has brought us through so many things. I still am really stubborn. It seems that just about the time I need the reminder most is when God timely steps in.

So today, when I was called on to stand in my sweats, t-shirt and hat with wet hair underneath and also happened to be chewing gum that I couldn't swallow. I had to just smile. I also couldn't stop laughing because one of the buddies that turned in my card to the stack to be drawn from was apologizing profusely because she swore she put it at the bottom. I also had the case confused with another case so I held onto my book for dear life not to mention that this was the case that I didn't pay attention to as much. Thankfully, about halfway through, I found my footing and flew through the rest of the case.

But as I was finding my way, I realized that I was where I wanted to be.

It wasn't my prettiest, but afterward my colleagues told me that I did just fine.

Naturally, I've sat and analyzed my performance all day but all the while I just can't help but smile for the little surprise God gave me today.

Hope this finds you well.

Happy Wednesday.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

3 years....

I started my blog three years ago today. It's crazy to think that in that three years how much our lives have changed.

We celebrated our first year of marriage. 
We celebrated our second year of marriage.
Brandon's graduated college.
We moved to Michigan so I could go to law school.
We celebrated our third year of marriage.
We've been living here for almost a year now.

Isn't life crazy and so stinkin' cool???

So here's what we did in Oklahoma via iPhone pictures.

We left bright and early while I was blaring this song. Consider it mood music.

Miss Thang had to be up in the business of what was going on all the time.

I love seeing the St. Louis Arch. It never gets old.

I had a Speedway Special.

It was divine.

It rained a TON while we were there. Like flooded and there was a tornado a mile from my parent's house.

We had lots and lots of Sonic. Since it's so abundant down there you know.

My nephew had some good and BIG news!

We're gonna be Aunt 'Mantha and Uncle Bandon again!!

Paisley still had to know what was going on.

Even though she couldn't keep her head up.

When we'd go on road trips and my Grannie was with us, she'd do the same thing...

even though she could barely keep her eyes awake. But she'd always wake back up eventually.

I saw a sweet Oklahoma sunrise!

What'd I tell you?

Her eyes are always on the road.


She's also a bit like her Aunt Jessi...can sleep ANYWHERE!

We had a great time! It was absolutely fantastic to be home in Oklahoma!

Hope this finds you well!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday mumblings...

First, HAPPY MAY!!!

Can you believe that it's already May? This year has flown by and continues to just keep on trucking.

If you're new to the Times, on Monday's, I tend to mumble a little bit. It just takes me a bit to get going that's all. It's a thing and after awhile you get used to it.

  • I was up for the Royal Wedding on Friday along with the other 23 million people in the US. I thought it was magical and I truly hope that their love is one that lasts. It will be a fine example to the world that true love, lots of prayer and hard work can make a lasting marriage. I absolutely thought Kate's dress was elegant and what a tribute to the House of McQueen. I also am a details person and so all the little details that were paid attention to throughout the day made it all the more special. I loved her earrings that she wore and the crown she chose. I also loved her choice of dress for the unprecedented party later at the palace. It was just a great day all around and I am still glued to any tidbit of news. By the way, my source of news for the royal wedding comes from the UK Mail online. It's amazing and not totally lacking in cheekiness.
  • BUT, I will say that her hair was a little lame. I like that she wore it down and I realize that royal protocol may have limited to what she could do, but did it have to stick to her hair the way it did?
  • As we all know that wasn't the only exciting news this weekend. Bin Laden was finally brought down by US military forces. I hope this brings some closure to family members of victims lost on September 11th. Seeing the people at Ground Zero and the White House last night was definitely a sight to see.
  • That being said, Twitter is quite the place to be when something majorly political happens. 
  • Y'all, I get to go to MY hairdresser in a few weeks. You just don't even know how excited I am about this event. 
  • Brandon and I started a new approach to food yesterday. I don't want to say diet, because I want this to be a lasting change. But for now we've cut out pop and are limiting our portions greatly. Now I need to get the Couch to 5K app. I kinda hope I can put it on my iPod since I have way more music options there than my iPhone. 
  • I was on the Oprah boycott train, but I am totally not going to miss out these last few weeks. 
  • Over the break, I read Water for Elephants, American Wife, Commencement, and Black Heels to Tractor Wheels. The only one I truly loved was The Pioneer Woman's book. 
Happy Monday!
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