Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday is "Answers Part Two" Day.

Answers Part Two: answers to questions asked of me a few weeks ago. 
Mrs. D  asked..."How would you describe your personal fashion style?"
I’d say that I’m a bit of a prep meets hippie.  Love to dress up, but also love a good maxi dress and flip flops too. I figure I have the rest of my life to look corporate, so for now I’m enjoying flip flops, sweats, hats, big sunglasses, and t-shirts like it’s my job.

Mrs. D also asked, "What did you want to be growing up?"
The President of the United States of America.

Mrs. Potts asked "Where would you vacation if you had 2 weeks and $5000 to spend?"

Right now I'd say: Somewhere tropical with lots of massages, mai tai’s and sun, sun, sun!

But if I wasn't so sick of the cold, I'd totally go somewhere historical like Washington D.C., Rome, London, or Athens with B. Because I'm limited by budget, I'd probably go with D.C.
Kara asked... "Maybe you've written about this before and I've missed it, but I'm so curious about how you selected Michigan for law school. I mean, you clearly love OK, and there are scores of law schools that would have allowed you to be closer to home, so how did you end up making your way to Michigan?"

Long story short, it’s where I got in. We miss our families like crazy, but we now realize that God was as always totally in control of why we’re here. Because of the thousand mile distance, I’m able (and now that B has returned for his masters) to study without distraction from our families. If we were in Oklahoma, we’d be expected to be at family functions and that’s just not feasible while in school. So it’s good that we’re so far away. 

That said, we are both looking forward to being back in Oklahoma with our loved ones when we're finished with school. 

Lucy Marie asked, "What's your idea of a perfect Saturday?"

Eating at one of my favorite joints. These days that’s Chipotle. Running errands and shopping with B. Topped off with a date to the movies. I’m really pretty easy to please. Of course, I'm having a hell of hair day and the sun is shining, so I can wear flip-flops and big sunglasses.

Brittany asked, "What type of lawyer do you want to be?"

Prior to law school, my only answer was a prosecutor. Now that I’m here, I really am learning that I need to keep my options open. So far, I have three possible directions that really interest me. So we’ll see what happens when it’s time to make that decision. 

This was fun! 
Remember if you read this post from 9-noon EST, then I'm in the middle of a final. Prayers are definitely appreciated! 

Happy Wednesday!

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PrettyinPink said...

Thanks for answering my question! Hope we get to meet before you move back to OK!

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