Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday mumblings...

Hi all, I'm officially in the last week and half of the semester. So I have no life. My sister has graciously written this week's and next week's Monday mumblings which is fitting b/c she is not a morning person ANY day of the week! Hope y'all enjoy.
Love, Sam

• I want to go swimming right now, because the apartment complex just repairs our pool. They are currently filling it with water.
• I can’t wait until the movie Something Borrowed comes out. You must read the books. I am even more excited for the people playing the roles and one being Kate Hudson.
• I want a pair of Chaco sandals real BAD!
• I have will be soon writing my capstone paper that has to be at least 10 pages and another paper that has to be 8-10 pages. I am not the least bit thrilled.
• I always tell people I learned how to cry in college. I never cried over books or movies at ALL. Sam and I would go to movies and it would be sad and she turn and look at me and say ok you had to cry in that one. I didn’t until I came to college.
• Since I am graduating in May I have been busting out the tears really easily. Like I cried when I was on my way back to Norman just thinking about how I am about to not going to be able to yell out my bedroom door to have a conversation with the rooms.
• I love to buy movies out of the $5 bin at Wal-Mart.
• I could eat turkey sandwich from Jimmy Johns every day or just turkey sandwich in general.
• I love to buy bags….I made a special trip to a town just to have one made. I am in love with it.
• After living with people who are not my family I have learned that I am anal when it comes to cleaning.
• I have got so used to DVR that I try and fast forward every commercial possible even if what I am watching from my DVR
• I don’t like odd numbers so this is why I added this bullet point

1 comment:

brown eyed girl said...

I don't cry at movies either. I mean, things may be sad, but no need to shed a tear.

And I'm super-jazzed you are a disliker of odd numbers. Hopefully you like made-up words!

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