Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday "Lots to Say" Day.

Lots to Say: I really hope this is self explanatory. 

1. Blogger Convench- I don't know if any of you have had the opportunity to meet other bloggers, but this weekend was amazeballs. I am so glad I had this opportunity.

For real y'all. NOT. FOR. FAKE.

Because? It was just what the doctor ordered.

On Friday we loaded up and headed to the Dirty D to pick up the girls from the airport. Yes, I said we.
Of course, her royal highness came! Because? She thinks she's the reason they came.
My husband and sister kept asking if I was nervous to meet the girls and I said no. I was more nervous about driving to the Dirty D. I know. It sounds ridic now that I talk about it.

So after we picked up the girls, we went straight to lunch and stuffed ourselves with a Red Robin burger. Because? We were starving. Afterwards, we hit up Starbucks for Red Velvet Whoopie Pies. I stand by my statement that it is like sex in your mouth. We then headed to the hacienda because I had to set out some things for dinner. We had major gossip sessions throughout the weekend and we also got to talk to Britt on Friday night!
Paisley wasted no time making pals. This picture kinda know.
I then proceeded to have the worst night known to my personal cooking history. If something could go wrong, or I didn't have it, it happened. But thankfully, PW's stuffed shells turned out okay after all. If you wanna see a picture, you should head to Sus's blog. I think b.e.g. and Sus liked them. At least I heard no complaints.

We started watching Real Housewives of New Jersey because Sus had never seen the first season. We quickly decided that it would be a project to fix this problem during the weekend.

Soon, in true form and fashion, our little b.e.g. was fast asleep and Sus and I knew it was time to head to sleep before she was up at the crack of dawn. It was ten o'clock. I think that's some kind of record for b.e.g. Anyway, we woke up the next day and got ready to hit up the town of Ann Arbor.

We had lunch at California Kitchen. While I don't have the picture, I can verify that b.e.g. was hydrating regularly. We then went for mani/pedis.
I'm not sure if I've ever shown my ring on here. Well, here it is.
After dropping a small fortune for both items we headed to Coach, Victoria's Secret and Old Navy.

Damage was done, but not as bad as it could have been. I mean we did go into Coach and everyone walked out empty handed.

We then headed home and had steak/chicken, broccoli, potatoes and cake balls for dinner.

We had red velvet cake balls in case you were wondering.

Now the only question, you have left to determine is:
Do you like your balls naked?

Or do you like your balls half and half?
They are important questions. Two certain bloggers peaced out without taking any. Shucks...guess that's just more for me. We then watched the rest of Real Housewives and kept b.e.g. up until 11:30. She also slept in until 7:30am. I was proud.

We woke up and killed time, but also got ready because soon it was time to take the girlies off to the airport.
Photo Op #1
the ruby Turtle hippie, The Edwards Edition and b.e.g.

Photo Op #2

Photo Op #3

Solo shots: I find it highly amusing when a Conservative flashes the peace sign.

And b.e.g. is from the East side. After I shot this picture I had the very strong urge to pull her hand down quickly because hello! We were in the Dirty D!
Seriously, I had the best time and I cannot wait for this fall in the big ATL. Can you say football season in the South? Be still my beating Sooner heart!

But really, I know we talk all the time about how we're so grateful for the blogger community. But now after meeting the girls, it only makes life that much more special. I am so glad that you both are in my life. Because? You two are awesome and I had the time of my life.

I for real teared up as I was leaving the airport. 

I wish this is where the mushy ends, but it is only the beginning.

2. After we went to Sonic on Sunday, I got a phone call from my dad that my Grannie is dying. She's had Alzheimer's for a long time and we've finally come to the end. But if she passes before finals I can't go home. I was a total wreck on Sunday and Monday and part of yesterday. It's partly why things have been so quiet lately around here on the blog. Please keep my family in your prayers.
told ya I went to Sonic.
3. Pray for me regarding school. After I write this blog, I only have a few more pre-written posts to write before I say ta-ta to the blog world until after finals.

I guess that's it.

Happy Wednesday!


Kara said...

Turning Blog Friends into Real Life Friends is so much fun!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

What a blast to get together!!

brown eyed girl said...

That was about the latest I've stayed up in quite some time, I'll have you know.

I also will rep the East Side, for life, y'all!

I can't wait, like SERIOUSLY CANNOT WAIT until the fall for the next convench!

Miss you & am thinking of you, your family, and grannie

Brittany Ann said...

I am praying so hard for your family, on a serious note.

But on a funny note... "I find it highly amusing when a Conservative flashes the peace sign." LOL! I cannot top laughing about this!

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