Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fears realized....

I have three major fears in life aside from the classic failure fear.

1. Snakes

I have always been afraid of snakes. I once jumped across the yard off my front porch because B told me there was a harmless black snake there. I then proceeded to hop around the yard until I figured out that the snake was headed in the opposite direction of me. Brandon was doubled over in laughter as I screamed and hopped around.

Clearly, he is a man concerned for my well being.

2. The Dark

Yes I know how ridiculous this sounds. Until I was married and living with Brandon I slept with my Bear. Seriously, the night before my wedding I slept with Mr. Bear. And to this day, if I'm the last to bed, I work my way across the apartment turning off the lights. I am very thankful for my phone's flashlight so I don't have to race around to my side of the bed.

3. Public Flatulence

Yes, you read that correctly. I'm afraid of tooting in public. In the privacy of my own home or our families homes, I have no problem letting them fly. But, if this were to happen in public I would be downright mortified. (See mom, I am your daughter after all!)

In class last week there was no hole to crawl in for me.

Recently, I have discovered that if I prop my book up it is easier to keep up with my note taking in class. So I started to do that when my book made a very loud farting noise!!!

I froze in shock as the people around me laughed, while silently praying for the return of Jesus.

Thankfully, the subject we were talking about quickly took the attention off the toot from my book that no one knew where it came from so I could begin to relax.

But still, it was bad.

What are some of your fears?

Happy Tuesday!


Brittany Ann said...

I'm with you on the dark and snakes. The public flatulence is understandable, but I've had to let that one go being prego and all.

Lil' Woman said...

I'm afraid of the dark as well...now that BM's schedule is different I have to sleep by myself and I have to have atleast on little light on.

Kara said...

Frogs. Serious fear of frogs.

Mrs. D said...

I'm totally afraid of the dark too! My husband always makes fun of me for it. :(

Lucy Marie said...

Snakes. Ugh. Likely just by reading this, I will end up having nightmaries tonight and screaming at evan to "get the snakes off me" ... seriously .. its bad. I can't even watch a cartoon with a snake in it. Also, you can toot in front of me, i won't mind :)

Mrs. Potts said...

Funny - I feel your pain, though!

I've had nightmares in the past about waking up & being severely late for work. Late like by 4 hours or so. Which happened recently. Not the 4 hour part but I was so late to work because an alarm (in my hotel room) wasn't set right & I woke up in a panic & was super late. Sigh - it was awful!

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