Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday is "Rash Decisions" Day.

Rash Decisions: choices made without a lot of thought to the effects or consequences that come later.

Ladies and gentlemen,

It has come to my attention that in the celeb world there have been some serious rash decisions made where it concerns hair.

Exhibit "A" 
Image found here

This is Jennifer Aniston before. Now, many a women have tried to achieve such hair glory. Many have failed. This was a look that was envied by all.

Exhibit "B"
Photo found here
This is Jennifer Aniston after. Now, in my opinion, girlfriend done lost her mind. Her look before was the perfect blend for her face, bone structure and skin tones. 

Now before y'all get all high and mighty, there are two things you should know. 

  1. After the divorce, I totally pledged allegiance to Jen. I have not seen a Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie movie since Mr. and Mrs. Smith aka the movie that started it all. Cheating on your spouse is not cool to me. So what I say I say it with the most respect, one can muster to someone they have never met. 
  2. I am blonde. Not naturally, obviously, but then again those lucky dogs are few and far between these days. But because I've been blonde from a bottle for awhile (ahem 12 years) I feel as though I can speak as to what blonde looks good with what skin and what doesn't.
My theory is that she saw a hair cut she thought was cute and stopped in the nearest salon in France.

My personal rule is before you chop, get a trim.

If you walk away and two weeks later are still complaining, then do something about it next time.

And maybe, she did just that. But I gotta feeling she didn't. I base this theory on the fact that her bestie Courtney Cox is going through all kinds of crazy right now. So she wasn't there to talk her down off the ledge.

The other genius who decided to cut HIS hair is Justin Bieber.

Exhibit "C"
Photo found here
This genius claims he had to do it for work purposes. I call this a classic case of slapping the hand that feeds you. 

Bieber, you're no longer baby face cute. Now you're all kinds of awkward. 

Hopefully you don't spiral into loserdom. 

Bottom line, these people should have called me. 

Happy Wednesday.


Laura said...

I desperately want J. Aniston's "before" hair. Which basically means I'm already over my high maintenance blonde I did a few weeks ago. Le sigh.

kebowman said...

bahaha! i love this post! why in the world did she cut her hair!!?? he hair BEFORE was beautiful! we ALL wanted her hair!!!

Kara said...

I actually like both "afters". I liked Jenn's before, obviously, but I think sometimes a change is good. I've never been afraid to color a different color, or get a cut. My theory is, it's just hair, it will grow back... And heck, if your a celeb and can afford it, you can get extensions tomorrow and fix it back.

As far as the beiber. Hated his before, so basically, I believe anything else could be an improvement.

Jessika said...

J. Aniston is still a beauty, but I would just like to say Beiber's after freaks me out a little bit.

Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

I may be in the minority but I liked JA's cut! Sure it's different than the before (which is also gorgeous) but I thought it was a fun beachy look and I was just contemplating getting a cut like that just the other day!

Lil' Woman said...

I don't like Jen's new do but I do like the Biebs hair (not face) better in the second one...I hate kids with those long side annoys me when their always flipping it to the side.

Brittany said...

I saw you posted on twitter about Jenn's haircut and I immediately thought pixie cut! So I'm super glad she did not cut it that short! The new do doesn't look terrible, but I like long better.

Gina said...

Apparently I am the only one who likes Jen's hair.

Michelle said...

your bottom line is too funny!

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