Thursday, February 17, 2011

Teachers are important.

I don't know if you know this or not, but my mom is a 3rd grade teacher.

(My dad also has his degree in Math Education, but this fact comes to play later in the story.)

She also has been a teacher since I was a little older than a year old. She has taught several ages, but for the most part she has taught 2nd through 4th graders. She loves what she does and she also is very good at it. My mom also LOVES to see children learn. I know that doesn't seem like it should matter but it does.

In Oklahoma, teachers START at a whopping 30k a year. They also have to fight just to be paid every year too by their districts. My mom started at much less which is why my dad chose another career path.

Currently, in Wisconsin the governor wants to cut teachers and other public servants by 7%. He basically has decided to balance his budget on the shoulders of teachers.


It baffles me that people want to say that teachers have an easy job, get tons of holidays and whole summers off to enjoy.

I realize that the economy is absolutely terrible!
I realize that cuts are going to be made. We have to pay for the out of control spending at some point.

BUT REALLY??? Our only option is to cut the very people who protect us, teach us and serve us every day. And then people want to act like it's okay because teachers make an "average wage" so why should they complain?



Are these people for real? They can't be.

These are also the people who complain about the Unions that protect public school teachers. Why isn't the public protecting them?

And they are also the people who work in the private sector who complain about paying taxes for public services.

Well, those people have a choice as to where they work just like the public school teachers. Each world, private and public come with benefits and detriments that must be carefully weighed before taking a job. I know that everyone and I mean EVERYONE is very thankful to have the job they do these days.

But change is possible.

It happens every day.

The thing is, this cut that the teachers are facing isn't the first one they've faced. They have suffered cut after cut each year. The only reason Fox News cares about this story now is because the right "buzz word" that they don't particularly like (unions) is involved.

PLUS, each person faces pros and cons in whatever job they choose. I don't want to sound calloused when I say that especially in the economy we face. It's just the truth.

If we can't pay the teachers a better salary that they deserve, then why is it a problem that they receive benefits like retirement to make it worth their while?

There are SEVERAL programs that could use a serious cut.

I understand that in the end, a cut is something that will have to happen. What I don't understand is why it happens to always be the first place legislatures go when looking to solve their problems.

Especially when they wouldn't be in the job they have without them.

Happy Thursday y'all.


Lil' Woman said...

I think it is BS that they cut teachers first...they have one of the hardest jobs, practically second parents, and they barely get any recognition or pay for it.

brown eyed girl said...

Dude. In Maryland, some asshole reporter published the names of all public servants in three local counties and included how much they are paid. And they encouraged readers to attend their community meetings and to object to how the counties are spending their money. Included was my husband's name and salary, because as a School Psychologist, he is a county employee. I am sorry, but he works damn hard, those teachers work damn hard, and those school employees have a rough go of it, in my humblest of humble opinions. Also, if you want your child educated, receiving services in order to accomodate them into a mainstreamed classroom, you need my husband, you need the teachers, you need the paraprofessionals, you need those guys. And they put up with a lot of shit most people couldn't put up with and they work so freakin' hard for every last dollar they earn. During the summers, I swear, it's not all fun and games, but they need summers off so they don't burn out!! I can't believe the audacity of people to question the educational system and its employees. There are a few bad seeds, but they exist in every profession, there's no need to make bones with the educational system.

Y'all, I am fired up and it's 6am.

Gina said...

They just cut 95 jobs in our neighboring district and there is rumblings about combining districts in our county soon. B.S. It makes me crazy.

Susannah said...

A effing men! I am so sick of this shiz! We deserve more than we get already!!!

Brittany Ann said...


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