Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy February!!

Unless you live under a rock, you know that there is a big storm covering several states in the US right now.

I being the smartly and current quasi-resident of Michigan that I am have a few thoughts on the situation.

  • Why now are people rushing to the store? It’s been snowing since November. There is still snow on the ground in fact here in Michigan. And for those in Oklahoma, get some things to last through a few days to a week. NOT a month. There are other people beside you.
  • Why such disgust for the winter weather? Yes, it slows life down and makes it harder to get around but there is nothing any of us can do about it. Get ready to grin and bear it. Stop being so cranky over something like snow. Plus we actually live in a state that allocates money for situations like this. If you live a state that doesn’t do this, I’m sorry. I promise it does make a difference. And if you really have nothing to complain about but snow your life is pretty stinking great.
  • The snow that is falling on us has already fallen on my home state. That just makes me smile.
  • News People, we get it’s snowing. It’s freaking Michigan after all!! So it is not necessary for you to cut into shows to tell us yet again that we can expect a foot of snow. We’re aware. I don’t need the same report ten times in a 30 minute news report. Find another news story like say the one going on in Egypt.Christian Amanpour does a damn fine job of reporting this story up front.
  • Also, when it snows, be respectful of those who don’t get to enjoy the advantages of being at home.
  • I would like to speak with the person who sends the email or makes the phone call that tells all the crazies who come out in conditions like this. They have been in this business for a long time and obviously it is time for a change in management.
  • I will bet money that in addition to the current baby boom that is going on, there will be another because of this storm. I mean think about it. People are home with nothing to do. Baby-making is bound to happen especially if the power goes out! Men will use the “But we gotta stay warm excuse!” EVERY. TIME.
  • Why do I always have a hankering for ribs cooked on the grill in the middle of snowstorms? I’ve never figured this one out, but I do.
  • If you don’t feel comfortable driving, then for the love DON’T!!
  • If you do get out and happen to be in the neighborhood, catch a ride with my parents. It’s a riot. My dad insists on driving my mom and siblings around even though they’ve already been to the store twice. The road trip is still worth every minute though.
  • Take pictures. The world is a magical place when it snows. Everything gets quiet and peaceful.
  • Take serious advantage of the napping potential this storm holds. Snuggle up with your best blanket, grab your favorite French Bulldog and get to snoozin’!
Hope this finds you well and I am SNOW happy that it's February!!


Brittany Ann said...

1. "...we actually live in a state that allocates money for situations like this. If you live a state that doesn’t do this, I’m sorry. I promise it does make a difference."

AMEN AMEN AMEN! People make fun of Southerners when they freak about snow, but it's actually an issue b/c our state doesn't have any means or ways to help us!

2. Keep warm excuse? SO TRUE!

3. And I'd kill for ribs right now. Pregnant woman craving or not, I'd KILL for some. YUM!

Kara said...

I too get peeved when folks from the north make fun of us for the snow/ice shutting us down & causing us stress.

I mean, we were using a road grater to clear out snow/sleet so the superbowl teams could get into the stadium today. A road grater, not a snow plow. We aren't prepared. Not even a little bit.

Brittany said...

I laughed out loud about the baby boom! I totally agree! I told hubs and well and he thought it was funny :o)

brown eyed girl said...

I almost went over and gave a girl with NC tags some tips on driving in the ice to help her get out of her parking spot on Sunday. But I didn't. And girlfriend was LEANING on the gas. For some reason, southerners seem to think that leaning on the gas will get your car to go places when it is on ice/snow.

She looked mad and when I came back to the apartment parking lot, the girl was not in her car and the car hadn't been moved. I never feel comfortable talking to strangers. Oh well.

Please send us some of your snowstorm, I will forever dedicate my life to teaching people how to drive SAFELY in the snow if you can do that!

Susannah said...

Ha-larious. I love it. And it's all true!

superwilly50 said...

The reason Sam says catch a ride with me is because it is always fun!When she and Jessi were little wewent to the grocery store during a snowstorm. While Lori (Sams mom) was in the store we were cutting donuts in the parking lot! Jessi and Sam were squealing like they were on a roller coaster ride. Anyway I would stop and Sam would say "let's do it again Daddy". Never one to refuse the finer things in life we cut donuts several times. Finally we were sitting in the car all innocent looking when Lori came out. Lori said " boy, someone has been having fun from the looks of all the donuts!" Sam and Jessi busted out laughing, so are secret was lost forever. Sam never could keep a secret!

Megan said...

I'm with you. I really don't understand all the whining and moaning about the sun. Yes it's here, yes it temporarily stalls area's of life for awhile (hallelujah) YES it will melt and be warm again soon. GET OVER IT. I really don't undersatnd the constant complaining about it. And about that baby boom...Is that really what people do when it snows?

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