Friday, February 25, 2011

Favorites on a Friday (aka I love alliteration)

These are some things that I love about my life right now! 
  • I have a clean kitchen thanks to the hubster. He was even as anal as I am when I clean. This makes my heart smile. 
  • This chick and this chick are coming to my city for a blogger's convench next month. I. Can't. Wait.
  • This round of twitter/blogger babies are about to be born and I am so excited!! 
  • The first chick from above is gonna be a doctor!! I am so pumped for her. 
  • I will see my family in May for my seestur's graduation from my alma mater, The University of Oklahoma!! (And all the food places I get to eat that the trip entails: Speedway, Texadelphia, El Zarape, Sonic, the Mont, etc.)
  • Chipotle.
  • The Pioneer Woman. For real, if I had to pick a favorite blog of all time it would be hers. She makes me smile, brave in the kitchen and proud to be from Oklahoma. 
  • Lunches with my study buddies from school. (Hi Em, Skipper and Kate!) 
  • Sometimes it just hits me that I'm doing some of the last homework I'll ever do for my education! I LOVE THAT!
  • Butterscotch chips. 
  • We got a sweet valentine from our nephew G. Made our heart melt. 
  • Pictures of families re-uniting after a loved one has returned from serving our country overseas.
  • Phone calls from home. 
What are your favorites this week?

Happy Friday!


Kara said...

My new tv is high on the list (also that I have it in time for great Oscar's viewing).

I got new shoes and I that always makes me smile.

My cute pup.

That this week is over (finally).

Lucy Marie said...

Um excuse me but? Are you saying you choose the Pioneer Woman's blog over MINE? Pshawwww.

Brittany said...

There is a blogger convention in MI? Do tell more!

brown eyed girl said...


That was my second high for today, no lie. Internship matching was my first high, my second high was "ohmygosh, now I can buy a ticket to Michigan without worrying about the second round of match and freaking out about not matching!"

I'm also loving a clean home....G cleaned the kitchen, go B & G!

And I'm loving the idea of seeing my Mama and Daddy in July when we move!

Lil' Woman said...

I want to go to a bloggers convench...where are the PA bloggers at?

Brittany Ann said...

1. The thought of butterscotch chips made me smile.

2. The fact that I can't be there for the convench this month makes me sad. I can't even think about missing it without crying.

3. And I'm with'd pick the PW over me? GASP! (I kid, I kid!)

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