Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday is "Frito Chili Pie" Day.

Frito Chili Pie: a dish served predominantly in the Southern and Southwestern states of the United States usually composed with a good layer of fritos on the bottom layer, then a layer of chili, and then a layer of cheese (some prefer melted, others shredded), some even go a step further and add mustard and onions;

Note: If you live at my house or my mom's when Brandon is present, there are NO beans in the chili.

I'm not even sure where to start this blog because I am still in such a state of shock. So I'll just tell you why I'm blogging about this in the first place.

Listen up Southerners: people of the North aka Yankees do not know what Frito Chili Pie is!!!

And now that you've picked your jaw up from the floor, I'll tell you how I know this.

About a week or two ago, we were doing our after Sunday church chatting with the couples we hang with at church. It was snowing again and Brandon and I were talking about what sounded good to eat. Brandon mentioned we hadn't had Frito Chili Pie and then it happened....


Naturally, before I could stop myself, I said "Bless your heart! You don't know what Frito Chili Pie is???"

They of course knew I was flabbergasted by the obvious "Bless your heart" statement. So we told them and then they all said, "oh is that like a walking taco?"


Apparently a walking taco is a frito chili pie in the actual bag of fritos. BUT some people put chili and then all taco toppings in it.

It suddenly became crystal clear to me as to why Yankees do not know what good Mexican food is. They put chili with taco toppers and call it a taco! They're confused about what Mexican food is in the first place so how can they even begin to know what it is.

But then I became curious as to whether this was just a Michigander thing. After all, they just got Sonic last summer. It could very well be they're deprived because they don't know about the wonder that is Sonic.

After all, we in the South live and die by Sonic. More specifically, we live and die by our Sonic drinks. I personally think the Sonic ice may be directly correlated with why we're obsessed with ice in the South. As the rest of the world knows, it gets hot in the South in the summer time and an ice cold drink is refreshing, but a drink that's filled with Sonic ice more than fills the spot. Brandon and I kept Sonic ice in our fridge on a regular basis as result of this obsession.

But I digress. We're talking frito chili pie here.

The reason I brought up Sonic is because Sonic makes one of the best Frito Chilli Pies there is. So maybe because they've been deprived of all that is Sonic, it's possible they don't know because of that.

So I started asking around. I go to a school that is heavily populated with people from all over the US.

And y'all!!!!! They didn't know either!!

Some had never been to Sonic too.

Obviously, I now have been living with this serious urge to find the nearest suburban (and several of them) and load them up to the nearest Sonic. 

I figure I oughta kill two birds with one stone.

But it doesn't stop there because this curious cat started asking around on twitter.

You poor Yankees don't know what it is either.

It has become more than evident that when you visit me that I'll spend the weekend broadening your horizons.

Hope this finds you well fed.

Happy Wednesday.


Lucy Marie said...

Ok ... I have to defend myself here. I have definitely eaten exactly what you are describing before - I've just never known it by that name. Does that count? We also put fritos under our chilli.

And walking taco? You lost me there...

Domesticated-Bliss said...

LOL! Thanks for seting them straight Sam! You cracked me up with the "Bless Your Heart" because that is definitely one of our southern trademark phrases :)

I don't know if I could survive up there with all those Yankees!

Kara said...

We generally just call it "frito pie" here in Texas. If I was the one living in Michigan, I probably never would have discovered this unkown for the yankees, because I cannot tell you the last time I had frito pie...maybe early 90's!

I know some peeps here in Dallas that actually have a Sonic ice maker in their house! They had to have commercial water lines ran and everything. Nutso!

Brittany Ann said...

Walking taco? I have never heard of that!

Though I have heard several different names for Frito Chili Pie, though a lot are like that, just Frito pie, etc.

But not walking taco! (And um, they eat it out of the bag? WEIRD!)

Brittany said...

cute post! I did know it was at Sonic! My hubs totally knows all about it. His family is from VA and he said that MY grandpa (from same place) would be very disappointed in me. J said that he wants to make it now. haha!

I totally say "bless your heart" all the time. Sometimes, I get odd looks. I think I picked it up from J's mamaw. She is the queen of "bless your heart" and using the word "ugly" instead of mean. :)

Susannah said...

Can't waiiitttt to get som FCP when we come over!!

Christ's Padawan said...

Posted about you! Hope your having a lovely day!

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