Friday, January 21, 2011

On Boogers and Bathtubs...

I bet your mind is just a racing on where this blog post is gonna go. I can't even believe I'm about to tell you what I'm about to tell you or that I put the word "booger" in the blog title.

But what can I say? I like alliteration.

As you may or may not know I have a French Bulldog named Paisley.

She is our canine child and is very spoiled. She has her dad wrapped around her finger. Her momma on the other hand knows, she's feisty. (I think this is definite foreshadowing of parenting real kids some day. I'm JUST SAYIN.)

Anyway, Paisley while for the most part is a good puppy, happens to have a few bad habits. She likes to eat dirty underwear, dirty socks, dirty kleenex, etc. But when the previous mentioned items are clean, she wants nothing to do with them unless the laundry is freshly dried and then she wants to lay on them to take a nap because that's what dogs do.

As you also may or may not know, I am currently sick with a nasty cold. I am at the point where I am blowing my nose a lot especially in the morning. I have a love/hate relationship with this part of the cold b/c while I know I'm almost to the point of feeling better, it also means that I will lose my voice, have to blow my nose which means watching out for Paisley to make sure she doesn't  try to sneak up to grab my dirty kleenex. It's annoying but I deal.

Well my love/hate relationship with this part of the cold has officially turned to complete hate after my experience in the shower this morning.

Another tidbit of information that you need to know is my dog likes to drink out of the bathtub.

I know this sounds disgusting, but it's not like we don't clean our bathrooms regularly and typically we only let her do this out of the shower that we don't use on a regular basis.

It's kind of funny to watch actually. After her dinner sometimes it seems like she didn't get enough water so we'll turn on the faucet and she jumps into the bathtub and stands there and goes to town.

She also has been known to jump into the bathtub while we're showering if she's thirsty. This usually happens if we put her in the bathroom with us while one of us showers so we don't have to worry about her terrorizing the house because it's been a particularly hectic week and thus our house is a little messier than usual.

This is the part where I tell you that I told you all of this information to tell you this story.

This morning I turned on the shower, shut our bedroom door so Paisley wouldn't wander about the house, and picked up my dirty kleenex from the night before and got into the shower.

I stood there for a bit because the steam helps break up the congestion when I'm sick. Got my hair wet and washed my face. Soon enough I was hacking and coughing up nastiness. I put shampoo in my hair when I see this familiar nose peaking into the shower to see if there is room for her. I block the water and said..."Come on Pais" and she jumped right in.

Okay up to now, this is normally not a big deal.

But then the nasty of all nasties happened.

I was about to tell her to get out when I sneezed and the biggest booger known to man came out of my nose and shot straight on the bathtub floor and before I could stop her, THE DOG ATE THE THING!!!

Yes, I almost hurled seeing it.
Yes, she took one more drink and then jumped out like it was no big thing.
Yes, I almost hurled writing this again.
And Yes, I really just put this on my blog because apparently I have no shame.

What's the moral to this disgusting story? I'm not really sure other than...I guess make sure your dog can't get into the shower with you when you're sick.

Happy Friday!


brown eyed girl said...

For the love. That's disgusting and highly comical all at once!

Brittany said...

ewwww. That is just something else that reminds me why Oliver is more of a dog than a human :( Dogs are gross sometimes!

Brittany Ann said...

Oh, Paisley! NO NO NO!

Mrs. Potts said...

Oh no! But so funny. I started laughing before you even sneezed. I knew where it was going. Maddy used to dig through my purse to find anything tasty -- chapstick, gum, tissues.

Laura said...

Hah! You definitely had me wondering where you were going to go with a title like that, but now I'm laughing. Oh, grosssssss.

Zia is the same way. Kleenex, underwear (dirty OR clean, she loves it all), socks, on and on. And once, a few months ago, she jumped right in the shower with me. But she's a Lab, so she was just interested in the abundance of water. :) No boogies.

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