Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday mumblings...

I mumble on Mondays even in 2011. You get used to it.

  • I've known I live in the North for quite a while but I had a gut check when I had 4 people tell me they DID NOT know what a frito chili pie was. 
  • School is back in session and I already am in need of desperation.
  • I am glad that regular primetime tv is back on.
  • I am seriously contemplating going to my natural color of medium blonde. Thoughts???
  • I get my butt kicked on a regular basis at Lexulous.
  • We're watching Gilmore Girls again. 
  • I think U of Michigan fans are being a little too snooty about Les Miles coming to the program. I can't stand him, but the guy is a good coach. 
  • I've decided I try to hibernate in the winter when I need to be on the go. This is a serious problem considering I'm in law school. 
  • Living in the North has also definitely made me re-think my ways on Southern "snow storms." 
  • Prayers are still be answered. 
  • Y'all remember all those preggo girls in the bloggy world? Well, the actual Boom in the Baby Boom part is about to happen! I am excited for all of them!
  • I'd really like to go on a trip to get out of this state...Blah.
  • Still in a little bit of a funk, but I'm working through it. 
  • My husband snores REALLY loud.
  • Could y'all get back to me on that hair thing? Kthx.
Happy Monday


A Nerd and A Free Spirit said...

I say yes on the hair thing. I am all about natural colors. I think they go best with our natural skin tones. I think yours would like great medium blonde. i wanna see pics if you do it! (-:

It also astounds me that people in the north don't know what a frito chili pie is. I mean, come on!!!!


Brittany Ann said...

Hmmm...I'm intrigued about the hair color.

Brittany said...

You need to post a pic of your natural hair color and what you have now and take a vote!

Christ's Padawan said...

Your husband may snore REALLY loud but his wife is REALLY annoying while he sleeps!

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