Friday, December 3, 2010

The View from Where I'm Sitting: A Michigan Christmas

Hey y'all!

Two days ago, we woke up to that fluffy stuff coming out of the sky.

Momma was dancing around like a crazy person singing this song.

I personally was perplexed as usual.

You see this white stuff falls out of the sky. It doesn't feel super cold like rain. It's light and airy so I'm willing to be outside more. When it rains, I prefer to keep myself dry. My momma says I'm a total princess and daddy mutters something about me bein' like my momma except really we should be called drama queens and not princesses. And then momma rolls her eyes at him. Wonder what that means?

Anyway, you know what else? When you put your tongue on it, it melts!! So the whole world is one giant water fountain!! And I LOVE water fountains! There's one in both of the bathrooms 'cept you have to jump over this white wall to get into it. Sometimes, if I give momma and daddy a look they pick me up. (Don't tell them, but it's a benefit of being an only child.)

So as soon as momma looked like a blue marshmellow she took me outside. I did my business and then she said she had to ski-daddle off to school to study.

She does that a LOT lately. (Oh yeah, if you're writing a post for her, she needs it really soon. She keeps talking about going into hibernation. I didn't know humans knew what that was. Think it's cause of that school and studyin' thing.)

She even took a picture of the white fluffy stuff coming down at school.

Well guys, I gotta get. Momma's eyeballin' me somethin' fierce.

Merry Christmas!!



Lil' Woman said...

Yeah for a hopeful white Christmas!!

Gina said...

THAT was cute.

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