Tuesday, December 7, 2010

For the LOVE of Christmas Lights...

Hope y'all are enjoying things so far...you know all two days of it. Anyway, my irl sister is talking to y'all today. She is one of my favorite people in the world. We are on the same wave length on a regular basis, pick out the same clothes now thousands of miles away and never talk to each other about it, she's soon to be a Sooner alumni in the spring, a sorority sister, and if possible to fathom sassier than me.

Since I have been in college, my love for Christmas lights has grown deeper. When Sam asked me to write a guest blog post I thought about what I was going to write about for awhile. One of my roommates and I love to just drive around the neighborhoods and just look for Christmas lights. When we find some we drive by really slow and I am sure the owner’s think we are creepers, but we are not. We just LOVE Christmas lights!

People in Soonerland are serious about decorating the outside of their houses. One of our favorites is a house that has a light show that is synchronized to a radio station of Christmas music. It is beyond cool. To say the least my love for Christmas lights is significant. It is manly significant because I have lived in the dorms or an apartment, so I really cannot climb on the roof because:

1. I would have to call the fire department to borrow their ladder because the rood it so high,
2. I would get fined by the complex, and
3. Let’s just say I don’t have the best record with ladders, which leads me to my story...

For as long as I can remember, I beg and plead every year for my Dad to hurry and get the Christmas lights up. I have to give him lots of pep talks to get the motivation going. I go so much as to drag in the boxes to the house and proceed to string them across the living room floor to check every light. By this time he has gotten he picture and says the only way I am doing this is if you help. If it means those lights are going up I am ready to jump.

One particular year when I was 9 we were out getting the lights on the roof, and my job was to have the next strand ready, and to help get the lights flopped over the peaks of the house. I was doing my job just fine, but the clips that go on the lights got hooked, so I swung them and did everything possible to get them unhooked, but nothing was working. My dad had no idea what I was doing obviously because he thought I was just me playing with the lights. He told me to stop it.

I chose to fix the problem. This is where it gets interesting.

I saw the ladder in the drive way, so I trotted myself over there to position it where I could reach the lights and swing them high enough to get them over the peak. I went about ¾ up the ladder, and swung the lights again, but this time higher.

My planned worked and I was on my way down the ladder when everything turned south.

I made it to the 4th step, headed to the 3rd when I missed it and went FLYING backwards landing flat on my back!

I thought I was dead.

It knocked the breath out of me.

My dad was yelling at me, "Jess you ok?"

I said nothing because I was in such shock. (I still thought I was dead.)

I sat up finally and said, "I think I am okay."

My dad said, "are you sure?"

I said "yep!" (HELLO I WAS ALIVE!)

By this time my whole family was outside because they heard all the commotion.

My dad told them the story and then everyone BUSTED out laughing and could not stop.

I on the other hand was still sitting in the drive.

I am convinced to this day that my coat saved me, because it was one of those huge puffy coats.

Did I mention our driveway was CONCRETE?

So my love for Christmas lights goes way back and I'm dedicated...clearly, I will go to all heights to be able to see them!

With some major Boomer Sooner love and a Merry Christmas to y'all,

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