Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Traditions: The Tales of the Trees Version

Hey y'all.

So, today is the last day of finals for me. (I hope you're sitting at your computer yelling WOO HOO Sam!!) From 9-11:50am EST today I'll be taking my final exam. Please send up some prayers/good thoughts for me.

In the meantime, you're in for a treat. Today Megan from Tales of the Trees is here! She is one of my very favorite bloggers. I know her in real life too! (Long story short, her husband and I have known each other since grade school and now we're pals too!) She is a fellow Harry Potter junkie, a great writer and soon to be mommy!!

Hello lovely readers of The RubyTurtle Hippie Times! This is my first time to guest post and I'm excited about it!

I've never guest posted before, and in true "Megan" essence I made it just about the most difficult thing ever.

I asked Samantha a ton of questions, put off writing my post for fear of not knowing what to say, contemplated telling her I couldn't do it, and then just sucked it up and started doing it.

Thus the story of my life.

Samantha wants me to talk about something that has to do with Christmas. She gave me lots of ideas, and I feel like I have lots of Christmas type ideas running around through my head but none of them want to come out through my fingertips to formulate an awesome guest post.

Because if you are guest posting it has to be awesome, you can't guest post the lamest post ever. That would be awkward.

So let's talk about Christmas.....

I don't want to say that all year I look forward to Christmas, because that would seem like I wish my life away looking forward to one month, but I do have to say, I eagerly anticipate Christmas all year.

I don't feel like I have any specific Christmas traditions, but I do however love EVERYTHING that is Christmas.

From the music, to the decorations, to the shopping for others to the giving and receiving of Christmas cards, all the way to the little red cup from Starbucks which we all know is the official sign of the Christmas season (minus Jesus in a manger in all of that). I just love it all!!!

When I was younger my family would turn on Christmas music and decorate the Christmas tree together. Now its very possible that we only did this one year out of my whole childhood, but it sticks out in my mind and I like to envision that we did it every year.

My family was not a country music family, but for some reason my mom had the Kenny Rogers album (prior to him messing up his face through plastic surgery) and we would BLAST a song of his called "Kentucky Homemade Christmas". Me, my mom, and sisters, LOVED this song and would sing it as loud as our little lungs would allow. In the car or at home, it didn't matter, this was our Christmas anthem.

Of course we listened to other Christmas songs, but nothing got us in the Christmas mood like good ole Kenny (when he looked like Kenny).

Now that I'm grown and married, the hubs and I haven't set any Christmas traditions of our own just yet.

Unless you count me naming off 2958 ideas of gifts for his dad and brother and the hubs telling me that every gift idea I had wouldn't "work" and me getting mad and telling him that he could just go find their gifts himself cause I'm out of ideas, and then me eventually picking out and buying their gift because I cant delegate things and let other people (including my husband) handle them.

Because that happens every year.

One thing we do find ourselves doing every year, is snuggling up in the living room, with only the light of the Christmas tree, a bowl of popcorn and one of our favorite Christmas movies.

I love these nights. They are so peaceful.

Usually the movie is Home Alone, Christmas Vacation, The Grinch, or The Santa Clause.

Those are some movies we love to watch together.

I absoltely love spending the Chrsitmas season with my husband, and this time next year we will have a 9 month old baby to add to the mix (can we just pause for moment about how CRAZY that is? OK continue) and I can't wait to begin making Chrsitmas traditions of our own with our little guy.

Whether we are telling him the true meaning of Christmas, picking out gifts for him, smiling big for the annual Christmas card picture (much to the husband's dismay) or just simply taking in the season by looking at Christmas lights, or watching a Christmas movie, I can't wait to do it all together!

Christmas truly is the most magical time of the year!

Merry Christmas!

1 comment:

Brittany said...

Snuggling up in front of the tree and fire when it's snowing out is the best!!

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