Saturday, December 4, 2010

Big XII Championship: OU v. Nebraska ONE LAST TIME


So after the Sooners beat the Cowboys last week, we moved on to the Big XII Championship this week.

We're playing the Cornhuskers tonight.

This rivalry is epic.

Barry Switzer v. Tom Osborne anyone?

This is where the phrase "Sooner Magic" was born.

I know that some of you (COUGH SEC LOVERS COUGH) think you're the best conference ever and there is no other conference to be even considered. All I say to that is Bless your poor misguided hearts because the Game of the Century (you know the one where there was a clip that DIDN'T get called!) has everything to do with the BIG XII Conference and NOTHING to do with yours. Powerhouses like Nebraska and Oklahoma have been around a LOT longer than y'all.


Don't get me wrong, there are some greats from your conference, most of them are hated.

But then again, so are the Sooners and Cornhuskers.

We're just more established than y'all.
I am proud to be a Sooner and proud to be a part of such a LONG and storied tradition.

Today will be the same because Bob Stoops and Bo Pellini are part of the greats at each respective school.

I am so pumped.

The Big XII Championship holds a special place in our hearts because B had his bachelor party when Chase Daniels was still picking boogers for Mizzou and the same night PLBD was born.

Now I know half of y'all might be scratching your heads because I just spent a good amount of time talking about how great Nebraska's team is.

Well don't you worry your pretty little head.

They win because they play dirty.

That's right Cornhuskers, I said it.

All the way down to their color.

You see another aspect of this game is its name. It's famously called the Battle of the Reds.

Sooners like myself happen to think that our version of the color is better. Their red is plain Jane. I'd even call it lame.

There is just no richness to it.

It's just red.

Now crimson, oh crimson. It is the color of quality.

And you can bet your booty that I hope my "Big Red" wins tonight!

Hope this finds you well!!

Happy Saturday and Happy Christmas!


Kelsey said...

Hahaha this post was great. I will say that I agree with you on some things... ahem SEC lovers and the greatness of the rivalry between these two teams...

But overall, can I just say that I don't think Sooner red can even be called red? Nebraska red is just so pure. It's true red. ;)

Have fun watching today!

Jessika said...

I love reading your post like this.

Stupid Chase Daniels. I still don't like him.

Oh the SEC. They try SO hard, but you ain't got nothin' on the Big XII.

PLBD. Nuff said about that.

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