Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday is "Intervention" Day.

Intervention: a coming together when a problem arises that needs sudden attention

It has come to my attention in the past week that a few people in my life needed some intervention.

Intervention #1: Vera Bradley
Last week I was sitting in a review for a class and we were on a break when I decided to peruse the latest from Vera Bradley. Now if you're new to the rTh times, then you need to read this post. My love for Vera runs deep. Unfortunately, I can't sport a Vera backpack to school because those law books are just a little too big. But that's another story for another day. My study buddy was sitting beside me in the review and I said something about Vera.

She said..."Vera WHAT? What is that?"

I about "come undone" as my daddy would say. 

I managed to pull myself together and sent her the link IMMEDIATELY. She said something about it getting her in trouble and I told her "Oh no honey, this isn't trouble. This is a lifestyle."

I think she kinda rolled her eyes at the crazy girl from Oklahoma, but she looked. And I think she might even like!

Hook. Line. And. Sinker!

Intervention complete.

Intervention # 2: Chicken Gizzards

Saturday night, we went to some new pals of ours for dinner and while there we were watching the Arkansas/South Carolina game. (Yes, I watch football besides Sooner football.)

ANYWAY...they showed a local restaurant that made fried catfish, fried chicken and fried chicken gizzards and livers. Now, I know we live above the Mason-Dixon line so our affinity for all things fried isn't exactly appreciated, but I didn't realize how much the people of the North didn't know about what you can fry and what you can't fry.

Chicken gizzards can be fried.

They are actually wonderful.

In addition to Sonic, Michigan is in dire need of a Chicken Express. They make good UN-sweet tea so they'd be okay with the tea aspect, but also, they are in dire need of exposure to real and good fried food.

As of now, they pretty much think of it as a novelty, almost like fair food.

Needless to say, the next time they visit we're having chicken fried steak because they didn't know what THAT was either.


Y'all see how real this is now don't you?

Intervention #2 in progress.

Intervention #3: Hobby Lobby

Last week, brown eyed girl blogged about needing inspiration for Thanksgiving. I told her to run to the nearest Hobby Lobby. Well bless b.e.g.'s heart she doesn't know what that is. So I did a little research and that's because it hasn't made it to the Eastern Seaborg save Maryland!! So honey, you know what that means???

I need to come your way because B's never been there. But you need to come my way so I can help you with your Hobby Lobby needs and revolution. MMMkay???

Intervention #3 in progress.

Happy Wednesday y'all!!


Brittany said...

Not sure what is up with those Michigan people, but us Ohioans know all about sweet tea and chicken fried steak. I'm sure it helps that most of my family is from WV and hubs family is from WV and VA.

And if they don't know about Vera, then they MUST live in a hole...haha!

Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

Ironically, BEG was 2 minutes from a hobby lobby yesterday and she probably didn't even realize it...shame I should have enlightened her!

Lil' Woman said...

I was sad to learn we didn't have any Hobby Lobbies up here....sadface.

brown eyed girl said...

Chicken gizzards skeeve me out. Mostly anything other than the breast meat skeeves me out. My first boyfriend loved him some grilled chicken livers. Nast.

So...are we thinking a MD HobLob (which apparently exists?!) visit or Michigan HobLob visit? Please advise!

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