Thursday, November 18, 2010

This week just gets better and better!

This week has been absolutely wonderful.

Tuesday was a hot day for sure.

First, my bloggy pal, Brittany announced that she too is a part of the Baby Blogger Boom of 2010. I am so happy for her because I love it when people get their dreams in life.

Then, Apple announced that the long and winding road of wait is over! The ENTIRE Beatles catalog is now available on iTunes!

And speaking of waiting being over, the House of Windsor made the royal announcement that Prince William had proposed marriage to Kate Middleton back in October. You better believe that I’ll be up all night long watching this wedding just like my momma did three decades ago when his parents were married.

I can’t wait!!

I will miss school that’s how committed to the cause I am.

If you follow me on twitter, you also know that Brandon got a new job! We’re thrilled and I will blog at a separate time about that journey later.

The blitz continues tomorrow as Oprah has her famous Oprah’s Favorite Things episode. I always love watching this.

And seriously, if you don’t know by now that Harry Potter is coming out tomorrow, then you live under a rock.

So it’s been quite a week in the celeb junkie’s world so to speak.

And that got me thinking about how my self-proclaimed career as a celebrity junkie began.

It has to do with the Royals which answers Brandon’s question of why I’m always glued when a story runs about them. I didn’t put it together that this is how my career began until Tuesday when the news of Wills and Kate’s engagement broke.

The reason I am always hooked when it comes to the Royal Family is that it was my first exposure to the celebrity world.

I found out about Princess Di’s death while I was at a car show with my family. I remember being in an elevator with some Brits. We were talking about the medical terminology that they had used to describe her condition. They called it “serious” which in American English meant that her injuries were bad, but she had the potential to overcome them. However, in British English, “serious” was the American equivalent of “critical” meaning it was very bad. And of course, as you know Princess Di passed.

My mom and I stayed up late and watched the events. While they were talking about Princess Di, they talked about the American equivalent Jackie Kennedy Onassis.

And so began my love affair with the Royals, the Kennedys and the price of fame.

Isn’t it interesting how loves or passions begin?

What are some of your passions? Also, thoughts on the latest news?

Happy Thursday!


Kara said...

I agree it has been a great week...the royals and the oprah show fav things are my highlights!

I swear sometimes I read your posts and end up feeling as old as Methuselah! Princess Diana's death is your first go into the royal saga! I won't even tell you how many years I had been in love with the Royals at that point and that I had already spent a summer studying in London and stalking out Kensington Palace for a glimpse of her!

Kelsey Claire said...

So I missed Brandon getting a job! Such a blessing! Wooohoooo!

Brittany said...

So many wonderful things! Congrats to Brandon!! I've been totally out of the twitter loop, well the real world loop, this week. So thrilled for you guys!

Lil' Woman said...

I am so happy for Britt....I serioulsy cried, she's going to be a wonderful mother.

And congrats to Brandon....YAY!!!

Brittany Ann said...

Thanks, sweet friend:)

And FYI: Patrick caught the tale end of Oprah's Fav Things yesterday, and was royally ticked off. Why? Because neither he nor I were there to receive tons of free stuff.

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